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HITEC TV: Guest Room Technology – Wi-Fi and So Much More

Guest room technology used to include the phone, the remote and the television. If you were lucky, you would get…

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Partnering on the Road to Recovery

The hospitality industry was a marvel of innovation during the pandemic: adaptable and responsive to guest demands and quick to…

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Nomadix Announces New Addition of Internet Gateway Family

Reliable and fast Wi-Fi is the top amenity required when choosing where to travel and live. This latest gateway leverages…

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5 Tips for Managing a New Hybrid Workforce

In this article, Linda Kahangi talks about a few things organizations should keep in mind when ushering employees back into…

Partner News Roundup

360 Networks teams with Nomadix Nomadix has formed a new partnership with 360 Networks, the maker of the hospitality communications…

5 Tech Upgrades Hotels Must Make to Capitalize on the Work-from-Hotel Opportunity

For many people, the novelty of working from home has definitely worn off. Between juggling childcare and dealing with distractions…