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Burdened by old technology

Meeting guest demands with new tech doesn’t have to break the bank…

Nomadix Internet Gateways: New Built-In Firewall and Added Security

Eliminates need for separate firewall appliance, saving costs while elevating security features

Nomadix Introduces Built-In Firewall and Added Security for its Internet Gateway Suite

Secure, reliable and fast Wi-Fi is the top amenity requirement when choosing where to stay, where to meet or even…

Nomadix introduces built-in firewall for gateway suite

Nomadix Inc​. has launched new firewall and security features to its suite of internet gateways. The firewall module replaces the need…

Angie by Nomadix In-Room Voice Assistants Help Hotels Upsell Services and Enhance Guest Experiences

Voice technology adoption across hospitality is on the rise, with 73% of hotel guests preferring to use a voice assistant…

Nomadix releases connectivity solution for extended stays

Nomadix has released a managed connectivity solution for hospitality properties serving long-term rental and serviced apartment residents. As the trend…