Find Answers to Your Nomadix Questions

How do I renew my licenses?

You may renew through an authorized Nomadix reseller. If you do not know your reseller, contact Support.

How do I increase my device count license, door count license (EG models), purchase additional modules or purchase additional bandwidth (EG models)?

Contact your Nomadix Reseller to purchase a device count or door count license or to purchase additional modules or bandwidth.

How do I retrieve a new license key?

From either a telnet or serial connection, go to the system menu then License then Upgrade. Answer Yes to the accept the EULA. The NSE will then contact the license-key server, download the new key and reboot. The new features will be enabled when the system restarts.

How do I upgrade?

NSE Automated Firmware Upgrade System (NAFUS) offers the administrator the ability to upgrade the Access Gateway and the Edge Gateway from within the web interface's Notices window. Click here to access the How to use the NSE automated firmware upgrade system documentation.

When does my software license expire?

Use the Web Management Interface to view important information at the bottom of the page.

Where can I find my NSE ID?

This can be found in the Notices pane of the Web Management Interface, as well as in the in Configuration/Summary Screen.

How can I verify if the PMS port on the Access Gateway is working?

You can perform the PMS Port test by following the instructions in our how to document - Use the PMS Port test.

Where can I find my firmware version?

Using a management interface, navigate to Configuration > Summary. Operating system is listed in the first section.