In-room Digital Concierge

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Voice-Enabled Hotel Guest Room Assistant


Add convenience and personalization to the guest experience through our suite of voice assistants

Say, “Hey, Angie.” Meet our multilingual digital concierge that fulfills guest requests, answers common questions about the property, and creates a smart hotel room – all via voice and touchscreen. What’s unique about Angie is hoteliers can control 100% of the property-specific answers to guests’ questions for personalization and upsell. These in-room devices work around the clock to relieve associates of simple, recurrent questions, allowing them to focus on high-value services. Angie also upgrades and replaces outdated equipment, including alarm clocks, phones, bluetooth speakers, advertising screens (on select models) and more.



24/7 multilingual assistant with voice control & touchscreen interfaces

Fully customize answers to guest questions

Relieve staff from simple recurrent questions, allowing time for high-value services

Personalize rotating screens for education and advertising (on select devices)

Analytics and reporting capabilities

Integrate with in-room automation – thermostat, lights, TV, drapes and more

Connects to Nomadix Cloud Telephony and many third-party PBX systems

Guest Room Device Options

Angie Spark 4

Angie Spark 7

Angie Luxe