In-room Digital Concierge

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Add convenience and personalization to the guest experience through our suite of voice assistants

Meet Angie by Nomadix®, our multilingual digital concierge that fulfills guest requests, answers common questions about the property, and creates a smart hotel room – all via voice and touchscreen. What’s unique about Angie is hoteliers can control 100% of the property-specific answers to guests’ questions for personalization and upsell. These in-room devices work around the clock to relieve associates of simple, recurrent questions, allowing them to focus on high-value services. Angie also upgrades and replaces outdated equipment, including alarm clocks, phones, bluetooth speakers, advertising screens (on select models) and more.



24/7 multilingual assistant with voice control & touchscreen interfaces

Fully customize answers to guest questions

Relieve staff from simple recurrent questions, allowing time for high-value services

Personalize rotating screens for education and advertising (on select devices)

Analytics and reporting capabilities

Integrate with in-room automation – thermostat, lights, TV, drapes and more

Connects to Nomadix Cloud Telephony and many third-party PBX systems

Guest Room Device Options

Angie Spark 4

Angie Spark 7

Angie Luxe