Limit Hotel Touchpoints with
In-Room Devices

Voice-Enabled Hotel Guest Room Assistant

Add luxury and convenience to the guest experience through our suite of voice-enabled digital assistants, Angie.

The Angie 24-hour multilingual guest room assistant helps fulfill guest requests, answer common questions about the hotel and nearby attractions and provides a seamless, next-generation hotel experience. Angie devices upgrade outdated equipment, including replacing alarm clocks and phones, and improve the guest experience by offering concierge and digital assistant capabilities in the room.

With the increased need for new safety precautions, the Angie can eliminate touchpoints for guests and staff, while effectively optimizing requests. Guest requests submitted through Angie can go directly to the hotel’s workflow management system and other common hotel platforms to fulfill requests such as additional towels or late checkouts. Voice commands enable guests to avoid physically touching the device to make requests. There is also a user-friendly touchscreen if guests prefer this option.

Guests demand the convenience of smart room technologies similar to what they have at home. This high-end guest assistant provides that by connecting to many common room control solutions and IoT devices to allow guests to manage the thermostat, lights, alarms, TV casting, music and more, via voice. These options also enable the hotel to save money by resetting the thermostat temperature and turning off lights when guests check out or leave their rooms.


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Multilingual voice control & touch screen interfaces

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Built-in alarm clock, nightlight, bluetooth music streaming capabilities, USB charging ports, and more

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In-room Wi-Fi access point for guest-customizable, password protected SSID

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Upgradeable with modules that add PMS integration, room control, telephone capabilities, an attachable handset and more

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Analytics & reporting

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Wi-Fi and ethernet connectivity options


The digital assistants can be customized through add-on modules to perfectly suit each hotel’s needs. Angie offers powerful modules that enable features and capabilities to meet both current and future requirements. Available modules include PMS integration, telephony, room control and in-room entertainment that can be selected at the time of purchase or as future upgrades. These additional modules can further improve the guest experience and save hoteliers money.

Guest Room Device Options

Angie Spark 4

Angie Spark 7

Angie Luxe