Environmental, Social Responsibility & Governance

At Nomadix, we’re inspired by how our people, products and processes make a difference in the world. We’re committed to continuously reviewing and improving our business practices to ensure alignment with our environmental, compliance and social responsibility principles.

This ESG policy defines the promises Nomadix makes to our customers, partners, shareholders, employees and communities in the areas of:

Environmental Stewardship


Governance, Ethics & Compliance

Strategy & Values

We strive to act responsibly and to create positive commercial outcomes by providing a rewarding work environment while also minimizing our environmental footprint. Our ESG practices follow a set of guiding principles:

  • Individually Invested: We think like owners, personally committed to our mission and focused on continual improvement.
  • Continuous Innovation: We strive to build technology and processes that align to our environmental, social responsibility and governance goals.
  • Community Alignment: We endeavor to ensure our partners, suppliers and communities also align with our values and strategies around ESG.

Management & Action

At Nomadix, we value our people and processes, continually striving to build better and stronger programs. ESG is embedded in our culture, where employees are individually invested and responsible for putting this policy into action. Our leadership ensures alignment of our ESG strategy and values in the following areas:

  • Full compliance with regulatory requirements and responsible business operations
  • Monitoring and continuous improvement and monitoring of our environmental and social impact
  • Application of ESG priorities when making business and operational decisions
  • Alignment to these goals by our team members throughout their daily roles
  • Updates to this policy in consultation with our team and ESG experts
  • Extension of our ESG focus to suppliers, contractors and subcontractors

Environmental Stewardship

Our commitments and business practices to promote Environmental Stewardship include:

Reduce Product Carbon Footprint

  • Reduce environmental impact by making business and operational decisions in an environmentally responsible manner
  • Support remote working to save energy and reduce commute-related footprint
  • Embrace digital communication to reduce in-person travel
  • Use remote support tools to minimize the need to travel to customer sites
  • Adopt cloud-based services that utilize energy efficient technologies such as scaling groups and serverless computing to reduce the data center carbon footprint
  • Host our cloud-based services through providers dedicated to carbon footprint reduction and increased use of renewable energy sources
  • Optimize inventory management to reduce lead times and quantities that allow for consolidated ocean freight transportation in order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions


Reduce Packaging, Material & Electronic Waste

  • Reduce unnecessary packaging waste by adopting electronic delivery of invoices and use of QR codes
  • Optimize warehousing and logistics by operating facilities near our manufacturers and consolidating freight to minimize transportation emissions
  • Promote product reuse by refurbishing and repairing products, both for ourselves and our customers
  • Ensure compliance with hazardous material restrictions, such as lead and mercury, through maintaining certifications and working with compliant manufacturers


Sustainability Education & Practices

  • Foster a culture of environmental responsibility by encouraging our team to learn about and actively engage in sustainable practices
  • Provide environmental literacy training to increase our team’s knowledge and understanding of sustainability and environmental stewardship principles
  • Utilize sustainable products, such as biodegradable cleaning products that meet the Green Seal Standard
  • Reduce energy consumption by adopting energy efficient practices in our offices, such as UV-protected window tinting and motion-sensitive lighting

Social Responsibility

Our commitments and business practices to promote Social Responsibility include:

Development of Our People & Community

  • Promote our corporate values to our employees and strive to operate by them
  • Value open communication and encourage our team to contribute ideas for improvement
  • Empower employees to be individually invested as shareholders of the company
  • Invest in our team through employee-focused reviews and training
  • Offer educational reimbursement to promote personal and professional growth
  • Provide safe and healthy working conditions and encourage remote working
  • Enable our partners through our services to contribute to their communities through digital inclusion, reducing isolation and enabling communication


Safety, Quality & Labor Standards

  • Strive to be an ethical partner to our customers, communities, investors and suppliers
  • Ensure compliance with Modern Slavery policy requirements
  • Comply with safety standards in each country where we deliver products, including rigorous safety testing and certifications


Privacy & Data Security

  • Ensure the privacy and security of data and implement measures to protect against data breaches, hacking or data loss
  • Comply with legislative and customer requirements for information security
  • Maintain ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials certifications
  • Independently audit compliance to ensure the integrity of our information security
  • Communicate our commitment to minimize risks to the confidentiality, integrity and availability of our information assets as outlined in our Information Security Policy – Nomadix
  • Care for our customers’ personal data as we would our own, complying with data protection laws and minimizing the capture and processing of personally identifiable information (PII)
  • Provide ongoing information security training to all our staff

Governance & Ethics

Our commitments and business practices to promote Governance and Ethics include:

Corporate Governance

  • Prioritize corporate governance and risk management to protect our business and our customers
  • Follow strong corporate governance practices through professional board stewardship, management accountability and proactive risk management
  • Regularly audit our policies, processes and controls to manage risks
  • Consider fundamental ESG principles in our investment decisions
  • Have an experienced board who are personal advocates of ESG
  • Participate actively in strategic industry alliances to understand, monitor and take action in response to changes in our world
  • Ensure we are transparent and ethical in our decision-making processes


Business Ethics

  • Strive to operate ethically and with a strong sense of stakeholder responsibility
  • Focus on being a solid, trustworthy employer, supplier and partner, listening to feedback, and recognizing and fixing mistakes
  • Recognize our responsibility to deliver reliable, secure and high-quality technology and ensure our solutions adapt to the future
  • Implement policies and procedures to prevent corruption and bribery and ensure compliance with the laws and regulations where our workforce and suppliers operate
  • Ensure our policies are compliant with the Anti-Corruption and Bribery Act 2010


Nomadix is a dedicated corporate citizen that adheres to our environmental, social responsibility and governance principles.