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Boost guest satisfaction with the best hotel Wi-Fi and in-room technology

Hotel owners and operators face a unique challenge: providing exceptional services within budgetary constraints, while navigating the evolving landscape of guest expectations, technological progress and heightened market competition. As the number of guests utilizing multiple devices concurrently continues to rise, the demand for the best hotel Wi-Fi and advanced in-room guest technology has become imperative. Premium guests and loyal members, in particular, seek elevated and best in class services.

Elevate your hotel guest’s connected experiences with Nomadix®, a seasoned industry leader boasting decades of expertise in providing superior hotel Wi-Fi and cutting-edge in-room guest technology solutions globally. Streamline and enhance your hotel Wi-Fi infrastructure for both guests and staff by embracing our reliable, feature-rich solutions, seamlessly integrating with your existing technological framework. Partner with Nomadix to exceed guest expectations and stay at the forefront of hospitality technology.


Nomadix Hotel Portal

Nomadix Hotel Portal is a comprehensive solution designed for hoteliers to enhance guest connectivity and optimize hospitality technology. The portal streamlines Wi-Fi management with a focus on simplicity, reliability and seamless integration, ensuring a superior experience for both guests and staff. By leveraging Nomadix Hotel Portal, hotel owners can stay ahead in the competitive landscape, meeting evolving guest expectations and delivering cutting-edge in-room technology.

  • Guest HSIA Portal
  • Conference Room Scheduler
  • Nomadix Service Engine Gateway
  • Management and Reporting Dashboard


Nomadix Networks - no-nonsense wired and wireless internet access that just works! Our leading portfolio of internet gateways combined with our complementary range of robust wireless access points, controllers and LAN switches designed exclusively for the dynamic hospitality industry. Nomadix Networks guarantees a seamless and secure connected experience for both guests and staff within the ever-evolving hospitality landscape from a single vendor for procurement and support at an unbeatable performance-to-cost ratio.

  • Create and deliver quality guest and tenant experiences
  • Using end-to-end internet gateways and network infrastructure
  • From a single source industry leader with a proven track record


Nomadix Casting is an innovative in-room entertainment solution tailored for the hospitality industry. This cutting-edge casting service allows guests to effortlessly share and enjoy their personal content on in-room TVs. With compatibility across various devices, Nomadix Casting provides a user-friendly and adaptable solution, enhancing guest satisfaction and providing hoteliers with a modern platform to meet the expectations of tech-savvy travelers.

  • Automatic pairing of guest devices at properties with a Nomadix Gateway
  • Simplified authentication using an on-screen QR code for properties without a Nomadix Gateway
  • Contactless experience as guests use their own devices and avoid the remote
  • Support for guest content from over 2000 apps, including Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and Spotify