Nomadix Cloud Telephony


Addressing Hospitality’s Modern Telephony Challenges

Despite low usage, hotel room phones are still required for emergency and star rating in some countries, while staff still rely on communication tools to organize and deliver guest services. Yet, the historical cost per extension/seat/room model has never really been adapted to the specific use case for the hospitality sector. Legacy PBXs carry expensive upfront costs, proprietary on-site hardware, licensing and maintenance constraints, while newer cloud solutions usually lack key integrations, such as PMS.

Nomadix Cloud Telephony is a disruptive price-bundled solution for the hospitality market, available as a module of our suite of internet gateways. The cloud-based, single-source telephony service is designed for properties of all sizes, is compatible with various SIP phones, can reuse analog guest room phones, offers desktop or mobile apps and integrates with most PMS.

Our Solution is Built Around the Following Values:

Disruptive Model

Disruptive Model

  • Single source VoIP offering
  • No per extension/room price
  • All inclusive bundle
Fully Featured

Fully Featured

  • Robust and secure platform 
  • 200+ features
  • PMS integrations
Complementary Assets

Complementary Assets

  • LAN/WLAN infrastructure
  • Voice enabled concierge
  • Safety and productivity

Hospitality Cloud Telephony Single-Sourced, Affordable, and Globally Available

The per-property recurring cost includes all local and national call charges, licenses, as well as vendor support, and is independent from the number of extensions or rooms. If a property is migrating from an existing system, those telephone numbers can be rolled over to the new service. The enterprise-grade platform is highly scalable, eliminates the need for servers or proprietary equipment on site, is easy-to-use and manage and complies with emergency calls standards such as e911. Cloud Telephony leverages Nomadix Gateways to provide powerful, dynamic bandwidth management, quality of service (QoS) for VoIP traffic and PMS integrations.


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