Trusted WiFi

Delivering Quality, Secure and Consistent Visitor Wi-Fi Hotspots

Wi-Fi and community hotspots are growing exponentially worldwide, and across all industry segments, yet it remains challenging for service providers to offer scalable and consistent visitor onboarding experiences. To deliver the fundamentals of fast, secure and private connections reflecting the brand values of individual customers, as well as some level of monitoring and data analytics, many solutions today rely either on basic and limited built-in portals from WLAN controllers or on complex and expensive legacy systems.

Nomadix® Trusted WiFi is an off-the-shelf visitor Wi-Fi onboarding and management solution, available as a module of our suite of internet gateways and built around the following values:

Proven & Robust Solution

Proven & Robust Solution

  • Carrier-grade
  • Scalable to 5bn connections p/year
  • Secure, private and compliant
  • Network infrastructure agnostic
Packaged for Integrators

Packaged for Integrators

  • Self service
  • Simple management
  • Fast customer provisioning
  • Straightforward licensing
Personalized Experiences

Personalized Experiences

  • Tailored for vertical industries
  • Brandable captive portal
  • Several authentication methods
  • Data capture and analytics

Your Brand, Your Terms, Your Customers, Your Data!

Our proven and highly scalable cloud-based captive portal solution – powered by our sister company GlobalReach Technology® – already supports millions of weekly sessions at over 45,000 venues and up to 5bn connections per year. A variety of templates and authentication methods have been combined to facilitate rapid self-provisioning. Integrators and customers can effortlessly generate new multi-lingual responsive landing pages within minutes, simply by rebranding existing designs without requiring any coding expertise. The intuitive web interface allows configuration and monitoring of the services, as well as the export of key analytics.

Trusted WiFi is paired with a Nomadix market-leading gateway to offer unparalleled onsite connectivity, user profiles and dynamic bandwidth management. Moreover, the combination provides optional features, such as local load balancing and high-availability capabilities. Nomadix Gateways are vendor-agnostic and integrate with any LAN and WLAN infrastructure, including Nomadix’s own range of wireless access points, controllers and switches.

Connect, manage and engage your customers with the brandable Trusted WiFi solution today.

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