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The way we consume media has evolved dramatically over the years. Most people now use a variety of streaming services for movies, TV shows, music, podcasts, etc. And they expect access wherever they are. While simple at home, enabling guests in a hotel to securely enjoy their content requires a specialized setup.

Nomadix Casting is a purpose-built hospitality solution addressing these specific industry use cases.

Guests can easily join the Wi-Fi network and pair their smartphones or tablets with the in-room televisions without leaving personal credentials behind. This saves on their data limits and roaming charges while benefiting from the bigger screens and audio quality of the hotel equipment. They can cast content from thousands of apps – including Netflix’s latest account-sharing rules – in their preferred language. All while using their devices for other tasks, or saving on battery life.


Based on Chromecast technology – including support for Google TV dongles, along with an optional custom secure case – Nomadix Casting works with any HDMI-capable television. The intuitive cloud management interface enables simple configuration and monitoring of the solution, including customization of the screens to reflect a property’s brand. Adding a Nomadix Gateway to the network facilitates additional services such as Property Management System integration for check-in/out and automated pairing.

Bring new life to hospitality in-room televisions and increase guest loyalty by addressing their modern media consumption needs, while removing costs of traditional paid content!

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