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Nomadix Alerts

2-in-1 Safety and Productivity Solution for Hospitality

Nomadix® Alerts is a notification solution answering two ongoing challenges for the hospitality industry:

  • How to provide increased safety to isolated hotel staff who could be subject to threats and harassment?
  • How to maintain secure and high quality guest Wi-Fi services?

Our innovative 2-in-1 solution helps hoteliers committed to safeguard initiatives such as the AHLA 5-Star Promise and others to fulfil their obligations. Employees wear a smart badge and can request assistance by pressing the alert button. A distress message is also automatically sent when abrupt movements such as falls are detected. Colleagues are immediately notified of the incidents and their locations.

In addition, the devices perform regular measurements of the quality and security of the Wi-Fi experience as staff roam around the property, and automatically flag potential issues before they start affecting the service, and in turn the reputation of the establishment.

Protect Lone Workers

Protect Lone Workers

  • Request assistance
  • Detect falls
  • Real-time location updates
Monitor Wi-Fi Quality

Monitor Wi-Fi Quality

  • Measure experience score
  • Check for potential threats
  • Maintain guest satisfaction
Optimize Costs

Optimize Costs

  • 2-in-1 solution
  • Light and affordable setup
  • Simple to use and manage

Nomadix Alerts Smart Badge


  • Quick and simple to use: just press the alert button


  • Automatic fall detection through accelerometer


  • Quality and security checks as staff roam across site
  • Automatic notification in case of potential issue


  • Based on site BLE beacons mapping
  • Real-time updates if incident locations evolve


  • Pendant form factor
  • 0.7 oz / 20 grams


  • Re-use existing BLE beacons and only add extras where needed
  • Minimal training
  • Intuitive cloud-based dashboard

Nomadix Alerts is quick and easy to deploy and operate, thanks to a light infrastructure including smart badges, a cloud-based incident and analytics dashboard, and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons for the location information. What’s more, the solution can discover and re-use existing beacons to save on costs and implementation time. Training is also minimal.

All this creates a better Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and offers more features than other products on the market. Nomadix Alerts complements the company’s portfolio of end-to-end solutions to power connected experiences, while improving hotels’ quality and safety standards.


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