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Business Travelers Say No to These Hotel Shortcomings

Let’s discuss the top five shortcomings that business travelers will no longer accept due to the pandemic.

Hotel Wi-Fi Networks: Why 5G Won’t Replace Wi-Fi Anytime Soon

Most hotel guests take Wi-Fi for granted. Yet, it’s also one of the things most-complained about, so there’s a huge…

A Look at HITEC 2021 Exhibitors

Nomadix showcased its portfolio of hotel internet and guest-facing technologies. To create comfortable, convenient and safer stays, Nomadix is helping…


Podcast: Single Guest Profile Featuring Hauke Lenthe

This podcast episode discusses the single guest profile and the importance of consolidating hotels’ guest data into one location to…

HITEC21 Roundup – Nomadix

LODGING Media on the show floor at HITEC 2021 in Dallas. Speaking with Pam Goncalves, Chief Marketing Officer at Nomadix.

Smart Apartments: What Investments Are the Right Ones to Make?

The rise of the Smart Apartment is well-heralded, and with good reason, as residents have shown they are willing to…