What is Cloud PBX? Why Should Hotels Make the Switch?

What Is Cloud PBX?

Cloud PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a virtual PBX system hosted on off-site servers that is completely powered by the internet. The cloud system uses VoIP (Voice Over internet Protocols) to make and receive calls and routes phone calls to the correct destination via SIP (Session Internet Protocols). In other words, instead of having a complicated setup of hardware and phone lines on site, everything your staff and guests need to make and take calls is managed virtually in the cloud. 

How Does Nomadix PBX Work? 

Our cloud-managed PBX service provides telephony capabilities with clear HD voice technology for guest rooms and front desk/administrative locations in the hotel. We offer three IP phones with options such as built-in Wi-Fi, LED screens and headsets to meet different needs. Our solution is also compatible with most SIP/IP phones on the market and on guest room assistants from our affiliated company Angie. 

Nomadix PBX Benefits:

  • Simple, wireless set-up process
  • Easy phone configuration
  • Comprehensive administrative capabilities
  • Standard hospitality features for internal calls
  • Meets all emergency standards in the U.S. and Canada
  • Contactless options available with Angie voice assistants

Why Should Hotels Make The Switch?

Even before the global pandemic hit, guests were choosing to use mobile devices instead of hotel phones. 2018 saw a significant decline in guest room telephone usage, as the average guest brought at least three different devices along with them. There is no longer a need for traditional phone services that are expensive to maintain and take up significant space.

Why not just ditch the phone entirely? In order to comply with important laws and safety regulations (i.e., Kari’s Law in the U.S. and Telecom Decision CRTC 2007-44 in Canada), hotels need to give guests reliable emergency calling options with high sound quality and location information. Nomadix PBX goes even further with the capacity to give not just the general address of the hotel but the exact room number the call is coming from, saving critical time for first responders. If there’s an emergency, guests can call 911, for example, and the front desk and emergency services will know where to respond instantly. 

Cloud PBX offers dramatic cost savings, saves space and remains fully compatible with all U.S. and Canadian emergency requirements. Making the switch to Nomadix PBX simultaneously upgrades outdated equipment while saving the hotel money each month. Only pay for what is needed and what guests actually use. 

Thanks to the wireless capability of standard IP phones and Angie guest room assistants, guest room phones no longer need to be tethered by a standard phone connection. They can be placed anywhere with wireless internet access, giving you maximum flexibility.

Additionally, pairing Nomadix PBX with Angie guest room assistants adds contactless functionality to fulfill guest requests and answer questions about the hotel and nearby attractions. This eliminates many touch points to increase safety precautions and provide more efficiency. 

Here’s what customer has to say:

“We made the switch to Nomadix PBX for two reasons: to work with a reliable company where we never have to worry about the service and to save money each month to offset the impact of COVID-19 on operations,” said Patrick Fultz, owner at Sleep Woodstock in Vermont. “The great relationship we have with the Nomadix team might be the most important aspect. Especially with the 24/7 nature of travel and lodging, we know they are ready to assist if we ever need support.” 

Get in contact with us to learn more about how you can save by switching to Nomadix PBX in the U.S. and Canada.


Josh York brings over 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry to his role as Product Manager of Angie and PBX.