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Nomadix Internet Gateway

The 5-star Novotel Danang Premier Han River (NDPHR) is a landmark, 37-story hotel in Vietnam. NDPHR is managed by the Accor Hotels group.


  • Streamline the public Wi-Fi login process across the hotel.
  • Remember returning guests.
  • Support multiple guest devices.
  • Require no extra infrastructure.


A new internet gateway to support connection to a large number of guest mobile devices that also provides IT staff with the ability to monitor and control bandwidth, giving each user optimum access and performance.

Internet service provider and Nomadix partner, NetNam, recommended a high-end gateway from Nomadix, which was easily integrated with the hotel’s PMS, OPERA, as well as the AAA (authentication, authorization and accounting) software. The internet gateway went live with minimal staff training.

The gateway allows the property to support up to 8,000 simultaneous devices, and, with more than 3 Gbp/s throughput. 

Bandwidth conservation and management tools allow the hotel’s available bandwidth to provide each user with a good service. Guests who pay for a superior connection receive an enhanced service. The hotel identifies users by their log-in information and allocates bandwidth accordingly.

The log-in experience is a simple click-to-connect journey.


“Since changing to Nomadix’s gateway, NDPHR has benefited from a better guest internet experience, which has led to more satisfied customers. We have been very impressed with the results.”

Le Quang Nhan, IT Manager, Accor Hotels


Enhanced Guest Satisfaction & Loyalty: The reliability of the Nomadix high-end gateway – and its ability to manage and allocate bandwidth – has improved the quality of guest internet. 

Setting A Standard: The enhanced internet experience meets the brand standards for a 5-star Accor hotel.

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