Meet Angie, Our Digital Voice Assistant

According to Gartner, customer experience drives over two-thirds of customer loyalty. When it comes to welcoming back guests, hotels need to create a comfortable, efficient and welcoming environment. One way to achieve this is by adding in voice technology. In fact, 55% of hotel operators ranked voice-enabled devices as a top emerging technology for this year, according to the “Redefining the Guest Experience Study.” 

We’ve known this trend has been coming for quite some time, and that’s why we’ve added Angie, our in-room virtual assistants, to our portfolio to help hoteliers create better experiences for guests. Angie augments stretched staff by working around the clock to automate tasks: fulfilling guest requests, providing local recommendations and hotel information, and assisting with room control and personalization. Her multilingual voice and high-resolution touch screen interfaces are easy for guests to access, use and understand. 

What sets Angie guest room devices apart from other voice devices on the market? Our patented technology was built from the ground-up specifically for a hotel environment. Hotels can control 100% of the answers to guests’ questions, different from other consumer products on the market that simply do online searches for answers. Angie protects a hotel’s advertising and upsell opportunities. If a guest asks for the best pizza in town, Angie can respond with the hotel restaurant and even offer a discount code to encourage guests to spend onsite. 

Learn more in our new video about this suite of devices that is changing the guest experience and providing tangible benefits for hotels. Welcome back guests with Angie and let her help create memorable stays to encourage them to visit the property again and again, all while supporting your valuable staff resources.