Celebrating World Tourism Day 2023

world tourism day 2023 infographic

700 million tourists traveled internationally January-July, up by 43 percent compared to the same months in 2022, according to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). In fact, the contribution of travel and tourism to the global GDP, that hit $7.7 trillion in 2022, is forecasted to reach an estimated $9.5 trillion in 2023. 

Travel and tourism play an integral role in the world economy, and today we are celebrating the people who support the important industries on World Tourism Day. Commemorated annually on September 27th, the day marks an opportunity to recognize and promote the importance of travel and tourism on a global scale and its social, cultural, economic and environmental benefits. This year’s theme: Tourism and Green Investment, encourages a focus on improved travel experiences and innovative solutions “for people, for planet and for prosperity” (UWNTO.org). 

Nomadix has been part of the hospitality industry for over 25 years and is proud to play a vital role in the global tourism ecosystem. Our technology solutions have been instrumental in enhancing the travel experience, connecting travelers and streamlining hotel operations in an effort to make guest stays more accessible, convenient and reliable for people and property owners worldwide.

In alignment with this year’s theme, we are committed to supporting the global tourism industry’s growth, resilience and sustainability. In fact, we recently introduced our ESG Policy: our commitment to continuously review and improve our business practices to ensure alignment with our environmental, compliance and social responsibility principles. 

For fun, we created an infographic to mark this important day. Happy World Tourism Day to all travelers, hospitality professionals and partners who make this incredible industry possible. Let us continue to connect the world, one journey at a time.