5 Ways Nomadix Connects the Student Experience

Is it possible to get a college degree in 2022 without the internet? It’s no surprise that college-aged residents reported in a recent survey that high-speed internet was the most important utility in their apartment community. As another round of eager learners prepare for a new semester, they come ready to take online courses, stay in touch with family and friends via Zoom, collaborate with peers online and zone out on streaming sites or social media in their free time. 

By providing reliable, high performance connectivity, landlords and property managers can attract student tenants, and offer (and charge for) the convenience of Wi-Fi bundled with their tenancy. Nomadix multi-tenant Wi-Fi also provides smart billing and management to reduce support calls, enable straightforward provisioning and bandwidth control. 

Students need access to reliable internet connections, and that’s where Nomadix’s connectivity solutions can help. Here are 5 ways student communities can benefit from our Wi-Fi solution: 

  1. Easy Onboarding

With each new semester, hundreds of students move in and out all at the same time. Our Wi-Fi solution streamlines the process with simplified onboarding that ensures each unit gets their private VLAN access as soon as they move in. 

  1. Bandwidth for All

Nomadix offers bandwidth management to ensure that everyone has the access they need, whether it’s for streaming a movie with friends, finishing the last few paragraphs of a research paper before a midnight deadline, zooming into a class, or gaming all hours of the night. 

Managers have the ability to dynamically allocate bandwidth based on different student group requirements, so that residents get what they pay for – and what their course demands. For example, a student in a multimedia or broadcasting course might need more bandwidth allocated for their project then a history student might need.

  1. Privacy & Security 

What’s great about our service for students is they create their own passwords and settings for their virtual network, personalizing their Wi-Fi with their own Personal Area Network (PAN). New student residents authenticate once and are then auto-connected from then on with secure, encrypted access to their own PAN within their apartment or student dorm. When friends or study groups get together, instead of sharing passwords, they can give access via a QR code. Simple, secure and reliable.

  1. Property-Wide Connectivity

Students aren’t limited to their living spaces and need access to a seamless connection across the property in the lobby, checking their mail, in study rooms, waiting for their laundry, even lounging at the pool. 

  1. Smart Devices 

There are so many other devices beyond computers and mobile devices that require wireless connectivity today, and Nomadix also enables a smart community with IoT devices. Our solutions can provide connectivity enabling energy savings, increased security and even adding ancillary revenues – such as package delivery, bike rentals and food and beverage deliveries. PANs also make it easy for students to securely connect all their wireless devices including sound systems, TV casting, printers, lighting, and more. 

Happy Students, Happy Management

Better internet should also mean better management. Our solution goes beyond just happy, connected students to drive operational efficiencies behind the scenes. Easy user management and improved efficiency across the property mean less time spent answering phone calls and dealing with problems. 

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Mike Womack is Vice President of Partner Sales – the Americas.