Happy EG 1000 Birthday – Superior Wi-Fi for Smaller Properties

Despite all the changes our industry has faced over the past two years, the value of fast, reliable internet has remained a given. In fact, a recent survey of both guests and hoteliers found that the average guest expects hotels to offer internet speeds of at least 100 megabytes per second (Mbps) for acceptable service, and more than half of guests are unlikely to return to a hotel if the Wi-Fi fails to meet their expectations. Meanwhile, hoteliers understand that Wi-Fi affects guest satisfaction – 95% of hoteliers surveyed believe it makes a difference on a hotel’s ability to attract guests and maintain their loyalty. 

With rising strain from remote work, streamed content, gaming and video calls, there is no question that networks will be taxed. How can hotels, especially small and mid-sized properties, prepare to meet expectations and demand in an affordable way? 

Almost one year ago, we announced the release of the EG 1000 to do just that. Building on the strengths that established our internet gateways as the preferred solution for many of the top brands and properties around the world, the EG 1000 packs the same features and functionalities into a compact format and a lower price point, perfect for smaller properties looking for affordable, high-performance onboarding and bandwidth management for guests and tenants. To celebrate it’s first anniversary, we are happy to announce we have addressed the two most popular requests from our community:

Up to 1 Gbps maximum bandwidth capacity

You told us you’d like more throughput… the EG 1000 now supports double its original maximum bandwidth capacity and can scale up to 1 Gbps. All that is required is NSE software R9.2 and the purchase of the relevant licenses.

$999 MSRP starter bundle for 500 devices + 500 Mbps bandwidth

You asked whether we could come-up with an even more aggressive positioning for a mid-range setup… we created a new starter bundle for a 500 devices + 500 Mbps bandwidth configuration, which is over 28% lower than the original MSRP. Simply ordering SKU 911-1155-010 already includes the lower price.

Smaller properties shouldn’t have to settle for inferior Wi-Fi services. Available now, these new options deliver the extra capacity and cost attractiveness necessary to keep guests coming back. Check out our entire Internet Gateway family to learn more or reach out to a member of our team. Happy EG 1000 Birthday!


Christophe Ameline, our Director of Product Marketing, has over 24 years’ experience in sales, marketing and services within the Telecommunications & IT Industry.  Ameline provides valuable support to our worldwide sales teams for our robust product portfolio for the hospitality & MDU markets.