Silver Surfing: What’s the Wi-Fi Solution for Senior Living?

According to Pew Research Center, 67% percent of adults over 65 use the internet, and four-in-ten own smartphones. This “Baby Boomer” generation makes up about 22% of America’s population, and as they continue to age, the assisted and senior living industries need to cater to tech-savvy seniors. 

Many will downsize and choose to move into multi-tenant units (MTUs) like senior housing, assisted living, and retirement accommodations, and will demand high-performance wireless connectivity, at a standard they’ve been used to at home and in public places. Managers and building owners can attract these tenants, and improve their satisfaction with managed Wi-Fi to deliver the ease, connection, and security necessary to meet requirements for a highly reliable, secure and high-speed service.

From retirement communities to nursing homes, let’s explore some use cases for Nomadix Multi-tenant solution (MTU) for managed Wi-Fi:

Better for residents

Senior residents now expect reliable internet, just as they do electricity or heat. Depending on the community, Wi-Fi should provide bandwidth for simultaneous activities: Zoom calls with family and doctors, video/music streaming and more. The service should also allow for multiple IoT devices,  i.e. smart thermostats, lighting and wearables. Our MTU connectivity solution offers a superior, secure connection throughout an entire building or facility – from the cafeteria to the pool –  without hiccups on the network.    

Security and traffic segmentation is also important. Nomadix provides each resident with a one-time password or QR code to access the Wi-Fi, and the service provider can choose from a number of secure authentication methods. A major benefit of this single sign-on capability is that returning users are remembered – no need to keep track of usernames or passwords. 

We can also offer internet access to residents as a bundled service. Allowing them to pay one charge for all their utilities and the convenience of not having to find and manage a separate internet provider. Plus, Nomadix offers the resident an instant-on experience. Internet access is activated by the property manager the day they get the keys to move in….versus waiting hours or days for an external service provider to install wireless modem, test and assure access or buying their own wireless modem and setting it up by trying to follow the instruction guide or attempting to reach a remote person live over the phone.

Simpler for staff

Our solution also benefits staff members. Seamless connections throughout the facility or property allow staff to stay connected and aware of residents, wherever they may be. Bandwidth can be allocated to staff wearables and functions like housekeeping, communications and security, without taking away from residents.

24/7 availability also makes it possible to support communities with monitored surveillance, asset and people tracking and emergency alerting services. Connected IoT devices such as smart door locks, cameras, hosted telephony and CCTV can be added to the same secure network to support the building’s security, facilities management and reception teams. 

Superior for owners

Our MTU solution provides the flexibility for a building or facility owner or operator to provide services tailored to each tenant’s room, shared spaces and common areas. Property managers or their IT providers have control over the building network, they can easily add or remove and extend the service to new rooms or floors.

Bandwidth management gives them the ability to control the Wi-Fi capacity, ensuring that everyone has great connectivity and pays for what they use, at any hour. Nomadix provides failover capability to switch automatically and seamlessly to a reliable backup system, in the event of an outage.

Additionally, boost revenue by becoming the “internet provider” – without the stress of actually being the carrier.

Secure for everyone

Nomadix offers a highly-secure connection, with each resident’s traffic segmented and accurately billed so that residents are protected, maintain the privacy they need and only pay for what they use. And there’s the flexibility to provide more bandwidth if residents want it. Separate, guest Wi-Fi channels for visitors are also offered, segmenting their traffic and not compromising the user experience for permanent tenants.  

Any type of senior living space can benefit from our integrated solution for managed internet, which is easily extendable and equally as efficient as these communities grow. 

Get in touch with a member of our team for more information about using Nomadix for senior living accommodations. 


Mike Womack is Vice President of Partner Sales – the Americas.