Why Managed Wi-Fi is a Smart Choice for Student Housing

Imagine 5,000 students moving into their housing all on the same day, at the start of the semester. Each student will bring along five devices each – an i-Phone, a laptop, a tablet, a games console, and an Alexa… Today’s students are digital natives as they have lived their whole lives with technology and cannot imagine a world without it. 

Generation Z Americans, aged 15 to 27, spent an average of seven hours and seven minutes a day on their smartphones in 2023. This screen time, which increased by 6.5% compared to 2022, was mainly spent on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and messaging. 

Nowadays, students expect fast and seamless Wi-Fi to connect them both to their academic and social worlds. Connected classrooms and virtual teaching have also changed the face of learning since the COVID 19 pandemic, bringing fresh challenges, as students are no longer tied to the lecture hall or the library. As all these students settle into their rooms, along with their digital devices, one thing is crystal clear: Wi-Fi is a pivotal part of the academic experience, as critical as water or electricity. Here are five compelling factors why investing in managed Wi-Fi for student housing benefits students, staff and property owners.

1  Prompt Pre-Authorization

Students can pre-register for Wi-Fi before they arrive on campus, to set up their accounts. The onboarding process should be as smooth and efficient as possible, and by using bulk uploads, details are added quickly. The Nomadix MDU Portal offers property owners these features, while streamlining operations and enhancing student satisfaction.

2  Day One Access

It’s about simple enrollment as students turn up, login and are ready to connect with no delays. By providing fast, reliable internet access, and managed Wi-Fi for student housing right from the start, property owners can add value and build loyalty from their residents.

3  Continuous Connection

Present-day students carry their Wi-Fi with them, and managed Wi-Fi makes sure they have speedy and secure internet access, wherever they are across the site, from laundry room to study room. Nomadix managed Wi-Fi provides an exclusive privacy benefit as each student has their own protected LAN (VLAN) with their devices isolated from others in the Wi-Fi network. The service also allows further personalisation with a separate Wi-Fi connection as a paid-for-upgrade.  These privacy and personalisation services are distinct to Nomadix and bring a real USP to the property owner.

4  Secure Systems

Cybersecurity attacks on the education sector have increased massively and ransomware, hacking and phishing have become commonplace. A safe and secure network that allows multiple devices to be easily authenticated, is extremely important. 

The Nomadix MDU Portal ensures every student gets their own high-speed, secure Personal Virtual Network across the premises; use a QR code to sign-in and avoid sharing a password.

5  Smart Devices

Investing in managed Wi-Fi for student housing delivers other benefits and introduces IoT devices, bringing the rewards of smart properties. It enables cost and energy savings, smart ID cards for access control and security cameras, for peace of mind for student housing. Lighting and heating can be regulated remotely, ensuring savings and efficiencies, while streamlining processes. Smart badges safeguard lone workers by detecting falls and issue an alert if a worker encounters a threat.

Generation Z residents believe that high-speed internet is more important than any other amenity, such as parking, a gym or laundry. Managed Wi-Fi for student housing future-proofs and raises NOI for a property. By providing high-speed, reliable connectivity, students can unlock their full academic potential, giving them the best digital experience. In today’s connected world, investing in managed Wi-Fi is a smart choice for an enriched student living environment.

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Sandy Jack is director of strategic relations, multifamily, at Nomadix, an ASSA ABLOY company. With over a decade of experience in the multifamily industry, she is a passionate and trusted adviser, helping leverage connectivity and proptech solutions to help properties achieve their business goals.