Why Hotels Should Offer TV Casting

Extra time spent at home last year meant more time for binge watching shows; in fact, streaming service subscriptions hit 1.1 billion subscribers worldwide in 2020. Additionally, a recent survey showed that 50% of guest respondents indicated that the availability of TV casting could affect their booking decision, while only 26 percent of hotelier respondents reported being currently able to offer the functionality. 

It’s no question that guests are looking for TV casting, but that’s not the only reason hotels should consider adopting this technology. Here’s why casting benefits both hotels and guests.  

It offers choice. 

Guests want to watch what they want, when they want. Whether streaming their latest show, checking out a new workout video or tuning in to a work training, casting gives guests immediate access to their preferred media and entertainment apps – anything they bring on their own devices. Many people have already “cut the cord” at home to not be stuck to scheduled programming. Give them the option to choose their own content. 

Additionally, maybe one guest needs to work on their tablet while also allowing their children to watch a cartoon on the same device. Casting allows multitasking, unlike mirroring products out there. It’s simple, easy and creates a positive experience for everyone in the room. 

It brings the familiarity of home. 

When traveling internationally or in unfamiliar locales, casting allows guests to watch or listen to content in the language most comfortable to them. Plus, most guests travel with their own tablets, phones or laptops and can use them for streaming purposes, so equipping them with technology that easily connects their devices to the in-room TV makes the experience easy and comfortable. 

It’s easy to securely connect. 

Casting allows guests to securely connect without logging onto a public device or downloading anything on their own device. There’s no need to remember usernames and passwords or share them with the hotel – or worse, plug in those credentials via the remote. Plus, guests won’t need to worry about accidentally connecting to a next door room or remembering to log out when they check out.

Bonus: With Nomadix Casting, it’s built for hotels. 

Did you know that Nomadix offers a robust casting solution for hotels across the globe? Nomadix Casting is purpose-built for hotels with features that make it even easier for guests to use. Aside from the built-in reliability and security known from products, our solution offers automatic pairing of guest devices at properties leveraging a Nomadix gateway or simplified authentication using an on-screen QR code. To learn more about Nomadix Casting, get in touch with our team.