Casting Lets Guests “Cut the Cord” and Stream Their Own Content

Recent trends show that similar to their in-home entertainment set-up, guests prefer to stream their own content while traveling. For hotels, this means a dramatic shift in what they offer. It’s no longer about providing more channels or pay-per-view movies. Most guests want to watch Netflix, Hulu or other streaming services. So cut the costly cable service and offer a reliable casting product where guests can watch what they want.

We recently released our casting solution, which modernizes the guest experience while providing an affordable and secure option for hotels to meet this new demand. 

Branded to align with each hotel’s look and feel and customizable in numerous languages, Nomadix Casting enables guests to quickly pair their devices with the in-room TV. Thousands of apps are supported for watching the latest miniseries, working out, listening to music or streaming a business training video. 

One of the biggest hassles with other streaming products is using the remote to manually click each letter of your email address and then entering the password you used on that account. Guests are limited to the apps chosen by the hotel, and they must be sure that the hotel logs out of their accounts once they leave the property. We eliminate these issues! 

With our casting, no downloads are needed on guest devices, and there’s no need to enter usernames with the remote or share passwords with the hotel. Unlike mirrored casting solutions, once streaming starts, the process is offloaded to the casting server, which allows guests to continue using their iOS or Android devices without interrupting the streaming content.

Another plus, if your hotel already has a Nomadix gateway, guest devices are automatically recognized and paired with the in-room TVs when they connect to the hotel Wi-Fi network. It’s simple and convenient. For properties implementing Nomadix Casting as a stand-alone solution, guests can simply aim their cameras at the QR code on the in-room TV to pair their devices. 

Please reach out to our account reps to learn more about the offering. Whether your hotel has 10 rooms, 500 rooms or more, we can work to make it a simple set up and a positive impact on your guests and hotel.