Nomadix Products Receive UKCA Certification

Here at Nomadix, it is a priority for us to support our customers and partners worldwide. We are pleased to announce that all Nomadix gateways, our casting server and the Nomadix Networks product line (wireless access points, controllers and LAN switches) have received UKCA certification, which indicates conformity with the applicable requirements for products sold within Great Britain (except Northern Ireland). UKCA certification is now part of our product development process for new products going forward.

UKCA certification is new (post-Brexit) and is similar to the EU’s CE certification program. Though the deadline to use the mark has been extended to the end of 2024, Nomadix has completed the certification process for its products in line with the original end of 2022 deadline.

In addition to the above mentioned UKCA certifications for these products, Nomadix reviews the need to acquire certifications for compliance within other countries and will conduct certification testing on an as needed basis. The list of product certifications by country is updated on a monthly basis, and the current status can be requested through one of our current partners.

It’s our goal to provide products that “just work,” and that means keeping up with the latest in certifications and safety. Got questions? Get in touch with us right here.


Richard Wagner is director of certification and compliance at Nomadix.