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How to Reduce Travel Anxiety? Offer the Comforts of Home to Guests

It takes 21 days to form a habit. Many of us had over 365 days of working from home to…

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Nomadix Showcases Expanded Portfolio at AAHOACON Dallas

We are thrilled to safely meet with our industry colleagues in-person at AAHOACON Dallas starting today!  We are focused on…

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Nomadix Unveils the EG 1000 Gateway for Small and Mid-Sized Hotels and MDU Properties

We are happy to share the latest addition to our family of internet gateways: the EG 1000! This new product…

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Nomadix Commits to Help “Re-Boot” Hospitality at AAHOACON Dallas 

AAHOACON Dallas kicks off next week on August 3. Our team is getting ready for our booth and product demos,…

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Rethink the In-Room Experience with TV Casting

As travel bookings continue to rise with summer road trips, staycations and even work travel, guests are returning with new…

nomadix mdu housing security

The Future of Housing and Safeguarding Against Cybersecurity Threats

How many homeowners do you know who are Wi-Fi network specialists? Unless they work in technology, I’m willing to bet…