Rikei Launches New Nomadix Casting Solution To Allowing Guests to Bring Their Own TV Content

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – February 03, 2021 – Rikei, a leading Nomadix distributor in Japan, today launched Nomadix Casting, a new hotel technology solution that allows guests to choose and watch their own entertainment and media apps on the in-room TV. Nomadix Casting will be sold through Rikei’s network of local resellers, which already supply Nomadix gateways to some 18,000 hotel rooms across the country.

As more people stream their own content at home, there’s high demand for hotels to support a ‘bring your own content’ experience. Properties that are able to deliver this to support today’s travelers have a new way to differentiate their service, increase guest safety and increase the value of their existing IPTV solutions. It creates a completely different, superior guest experience that can attract new and repeat business.

Branded to align with each hotel’s look and feel and customizable in numerous languages, integration with the Nomadix gateway securely pairs their guests’ mobile devices with the in-room TV – which is great news for the thousands of hotel rooms across Japan that already have a Nomadix gateway.  There’s no need to enter usernames or to share passwords with the hotel because guests are instantly logged in as they connect to the hotel Wi-Fi, creating a home-from-home experience.

Thousands of apps are supported, letting guests watch the latest Hulu episode or Spotify track, work out, listen to music or stream a business training session on the high-quality in-room screen. Unlike content mirroring, casting lets travelers continue to use their laptops or mobiles for work, email or gaming while they’re watching content on the hotel TV. 

Nomadix gateways provide authenticated, managed internet access for millions of hotel rooms at properties all over the world.

For properties implementing Nomadix Casting as a stand-alone solution, guests can simply aim their cameras at the QR code on the in-room TV to pair their devices. Then they choose what they want to watch on their personal devices and click the casting button included in all popular content apps.

“There has been a peak in content subscriptions with guests used to choosing what they watch and where they watch it. Hotels have a prime opportunity to attract travelers with this guest-focused, ‘bring your own content’ solution,” said  Mr. Furuta, Director of Rikei. “Nomadix Casting is an easy-to-use, reliable product that allows guests to watch what they prefer, while eliminating the headache of remembering passwords or the security concern of logging into public devices.”

“Casting creates a completely different, superior guest experience that can attract new and repeat business. Offering a solution to satisfy guest demand for their own language entertainment and media content is a key way to differentiate hotel service and be more competitive,” said Hauke Lenthe, Nomadix managing director, APAC & EMEA.

Nomadix Casting will be available to Rikei’s channel partners immediately. 

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