Nomadix Introduces New Version 9.1 for Gateway Family

We are thrilled to offer the latest software upgrade for our internet gateways, firmware version 9.1, available now on our platform. 

Security and performance are always a key focus for our product development, and with that in mind, our team added functionality into this latest version, which will benefit our hotel and MDU customers. These features also address requests from our partners, so thank you for all of your continued feedback.

What’s important to know? Here’s a snapshot:

  • EG 6000 maximum bandwidth capacity – Increased up to 10 Gbps throughput (tested using the Ixia load test system)
  • EG 3000 maximum bandwidth capacity – Increased up to 2 Gbps throughput (with multi-WAN load balancing and tested using the Ixia load test system)
  • Support for SNMPv3 – Enables additional security and cryptography over version 2, allowing for a more secure implementation of SNMP for managing the gateways without IPSEC tunnels and overheads
  • Radius Security – Provides a secure connection between the radius server and client. This allows for a more secure channel using certificates without needing IPSEC tunnels to keep the Radius traffic secure
  • DHCP Expansion – Support of up to 800 DHCP scopes (increased from 500), which will especially benefit the MDU deployments

All of these features are available today for the following gateways: EG 1000, EG 3000L, EG 3000, EG 6000, AG 2500, and AG 5900.

Important Upgrade Notes:

  • If you are on version 9.0: Please follow the standard upgrade process. 
  • For older versions: A two-step process to 9.x is required. You must upgrade to firmware version 8.16 prior to upgrading to 9.x. Firmware version 9.1 will appear in NAFUS on the list of installable firmware versions after your gateway is upgraded to version 8.16. Then you can upgrade to version 9.1.

For additional information, please view our support documentation


Jeremy Cook is currently the product manager for the Nomadix gateways. He has worked with Nomadix for 21 years, joining the organization in quality assurance and moving through systems and pre-sales engineering and to his current role in Product Management.