Nomadix Now Offers SLED IT Solutions


We were delighted to announce last week our expansion into the State, Local and Education SLED) sector. NASCIO reported that this year’s CIO top priorities include wireless connectivity, cybersecurity, cloud services and legacy modernization. With over 25 years of experience, an extensive portfolio of Wi-Fi networking solutions and a trusted approach, Nomadix provides CIOs the assurance they need to confront these challenges within the SLED IT solutions market.

Our movement into this market is a natural progression as we are uniquely positioned to address digital requirements for SLED environments, with our first focus area on education. Today’s classrooms are at the crossroads of learning and digital technology where Wi-Fi plays a crucial role in modern educational practices. Unfortunately, only 74% of U.S. school districts meet the FCC’s minimum internet connectivity benchmark, leaving over 27.1 million students without sufficient connectivity (an increase of over 5 million students since 2022), as reported by Connected Nation.

A recognized leader in SLED sales and marketing, an E-Rate and public sector expert and CEO of Komplement Holly Davis shared: “Nomadix wireless solutions are the clear choice for schools and government agencies seeking top-tier connectivity. With unparalleled reliability, security, and customizable features that can be tailored to fit the specific requirements of each organization, Nomadix stands out as the premier provider of wireless solutions in the SLED IT Solutions markets.”

The Nomadix portfolio for SLED includes: Wi-Fi networking technology (i.e., wireless switches, access points and controllers), internet gateways and bandwidth management, Passpoint authentication, captive portals, cloud telephony and employee panic buttons. The solutions offer robust security measures and protocols to protect sensitive data. Our SLED IT solutions comply with government standards, adhere to the sector’s acceptable and required purchasing vehicles, and are available via funding programs, such as American Rescue Plan and E-Rate. Nomadix and our partners understand these programs in-depth and know how to maximize the benefits technology offers.

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Speleos Dravillas is Chief Revenue Officer and responsible for Nomadix’s go-to-market strategy and revenue growth through the execution of technology integration partnerships, strong channel and customer relationships, and industry alliances. He also is responsible for global sales and channel growth strategies and their plan executions.