Nomadix Launches New Solution Trusted WiFi for Multi-Industry, Visitor-Based Networks

Research shows that venues with reliable Wi-Fi see higher loyalty, dwell time and spending. We’ve delivered dependable and trusted connectivity to the hospitality industry for over 25 years, and we are excited to announce our latest solution that will extend Nomadix’s footprint into new verticals, from small independent companies to large multisite brands in retail, food and beverage, large venues, smart cities and more.

Trusted WiFi is an off-the-shelf visitor Wi-Fi onboarding and management service, available as a module on our suite of internet gateways. It enables systems integrators and service providers to meet the growing demand for public Wi-Fi, while delivering quality and secure end-to-end wireless internet connectivity. 

The service is built on a proven and highly scalable, cloud-based captive portal platform, powered by Nomadix’s sister company GlobalReach Technology®, with the ability to scale to billions of connections per year. The new offering is designed as an easy-to-build and brand self-service solution. Administrators can effortlessly generate new multilingual, responsive landing pages within minutes, and the intuitive web interface allows configuration and monitoring of the Wi-Fi services, as well as the export of key analytics.

Trusted WiFi is paired with our market-leading gateways to offer unparalleled onsite connectivity, user profiles and dynamic bandwidth management. Moreover, the combination provides optional features, such as load balancing and high-availability capabilities. Nomadix Gateways are vendor-agnostic and integrate with any LAN and WLAN infrastructure, including Nomadix’s own line of wireless access points, controllers and switches.

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