Nomadix Offers Only Hospitality Gateway to Earn IPv6 Certification

Future-Proofing Network Connectivity and Reliability in Hospitality and MDU Markets

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – September 16, 2020 – Nomadix Inc., an industry leader in hospitality and MDU technology, today announced its flagship gateways are the only hospitality gateways to earn the IPv6 Ready logo from the IPv6 Forum. This rigorous certification process with verification of more than 600 test cases validates functionality and interoperability with IPv6 and equipment commonly used in ISP, hospitality and MDU networks. With the growth of the Internet, influx of IoT devices and new standards pushing for migration to IPv6, Nomadix offers seamless connectivity by simultaneously supporting both IPv4 and IPv6 to future-proof networks.

There are two main drivers increasing the shift to IPv6. As the number of Internet sites grow around the world, many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are giving external IPv6 addresses to their customers. This will require network infrastructure to operate with this new standard.

Secondly, IoT is the driving force behind smart hotels and smart apartment buildings, and IPv6 is what enables this reality. Major tech alliances including Project Connected Home over IP (CHIP) by Apple, Google and Amazon have pushed this requirement with a new standard based on IPv6 adoption for the most prominent IoT devices. Hotel and MDU administrators will need to prepare to handle the load and mixed IPv6 and IPv4 devices on the network.

“There’s a new focus on touchless technology that’s pushing more devices onto the hospitality network. We’ve put our gateways through the strict IPv6 testing requirements to ensure our products will continue to provide value, reliability and seamless connections to meet these new demands,” said Tammy Estes, chief product officer at Nomadix. “The Nomadix gateways have been the backbone of hospitality networks for over 20 years, and we will continue to innovate and expand our capabilities to meet the needs of our customers, today and into the future.”

Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs) have a growing need for connectivity with more tenants using their living spaces for work, remote learning and entertainment on a 24/7 basis. Hotels similarly are addressing new safety concerns by adopting touchless IoT technology, such as thermostats, alarms, speakers, TVs, digital assistants, lights and other connected devices. By adding a Nomadix gateway, administrators can support a mixed network of IPv4 and IPv6 devices while still benefiting from all the Nomadix bandwidth management capabilities to keep the network providing a seamless and contactless guest experience.

IPv6 support is now available on all Nomadix gateways starting with NSE version 8.15. For more information, please visit

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Nomadix is a world leader in edge gateways and is the industry standard for hospitality. In addition to its flagship hospitality product line, the company also offers reliable, affordable internet provisioning and management solutions for Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs). The Nomadix® Cloud, a unified solution for hotel owners, brands and managed service providers (MSPs), provides greater control and visibility of property network capabilities and performance. For more information, visit

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