Nomadix: A Year of Innovation and Growth

It’s been an incredible year! The Nomadix team successfully introduced new solutions, expanded features and grew our partnerships. As we wrap up the year, and just in case you missed any updates, here’s a summary of the major announcements from 2023. 

Nomadix Casting: Responding to the two latest critical TV casting challenges in the hospitality sector, our new release now supports Google TV (Chromecast v4), as well as the ability to continue using Netflix in a hotel in spite of their new account sharing policy.

Nomadix Cloud: The next generation of the company’s single-pane-of-glass management platform offers administrators enhanced visibility, intelligence, configuration and monitoring capabilities for Nomadix solutions. In particular, the new Gateway Fleet Management module includes: 

  • Fleet Dashboard: List and filter through an entire gateway installed base, highlight potential issues and export the data
  • Gateway View: Display key indicators for an individual gateway, such as connectivity, licensing and contract status
  • Backup & Restore: Save and restore configuration settings – either live or scheduled – and export the files 
  • Firmware Upgrade: Check new firmware availability and upgrade remotely – either live or scheduled

Nomadix Networks: Our range of LAN switches, WLAN access points and controllers saw many new additions: 

  • Cloud Monitor & Cloud Controller: The Nomadix Networks Cloud Controller (NNCC) is an enterprise-class, secure, robust and scalable WLAN management platform capable of handling up to 10,000 APs per logical instance, hosted by Nomadix. The Cloud Monitor web-based interface provides consolidated visibility, management and monitoring for our entire range of network infrastructure equipment.
  • New 8-port Switch: We introduced a new small 8-port access switch for low density requirements. 
  • Firmware Update: The new release includes support for the Cloud Monitor and Cloud Controller, as well as the latest Passpoint version. 
  • New Access Points: We launched two new wireless access points, including a wall plate model (AP 6WB) supporting PoE out and a wall/ceiling model (AP 6SA) for medium, indoor coverage in areas such as corridors, staircases and individual rooms. 

Cloud Telephony: Our updated solution offers a disruptive per-property price model tailored for the dynamic hospitality market. Available as a module of the Nomadix suite of internet gateways, the cloud telephony service is designed for properties of all sizes across the US – to be expanded internationally in the future. It offers mobile and desktop clients, is compatible with various SIP phones, can reuse analog guest room phones and integrates with most PMS services.

Trusted WiFi: We launched a powerful captive portal solution to address requirements from non-hospitality customers, available as a module of our suite of internet gateways. Our off-the-shelf visitor Wi-Fi is an easy-to-build and -brand, self-service product that allows administrators to generate new multilingual, responsive landing pages within minutes. 

Nomadix Gateways: We continually enhance our leading family of internet Gateways, and this year saw the following key evolutions: 

  • Firewall module: The native hardware policy-based inspection firewall service is a major new benefit, potentially replacing the need to purchase, configure and maintain separate security appliances. The flexible and granular configuration comes in addition to all the existing NSE security features.
  • CAPPORT: We are one of the first vendors to support the latest IETF ratified standards – as well as the Marriott specific implementation – to deliver a superior user experience compared with previous methods.
  • AG 2500 End of Life: As per several earlier announcements, the AG 2500 was EoL in July 2023.

MDU Portal: The all-in-one white-labeled managed Wi-Fi solution for multi-dwelling/multi-tenant communities now offers the capability to collect payments on behalf of operators who don’t have this option in-house. Additionally, we validated an integration with yet another PMS vendor: Entrata

Security Updates: We also announced earning our ISO/IEC 27001 Security Certification, as well regaining our Cyber Essentials certification. Security is central to our business, and we will continue to strive for these important certifications to ensure we have the security practices in place to protect all corporate, partner and customer information. 

Nomadix University: We dramatically expanded our training and certification program, and now offer a wide range of courses on our products – from general knowledge to advanced learning.

High-Level Product Demos: We’ve also launched several high-level video demos of products and will continue to introduce more moving into 2024. 


That’s a wrap! Thank you to our partners and customers. We look forward to continuing to serve you in 2024.