Building Out New Support for Nomadix Partners

Over the last few years, we have rolled out numerous new product lines, and even just a couple of weeks ago, we launched Nomadix Networks. In continued efforts to focus on a ‘better together’ approach with partners to enable our joint teams to provide high quality technology and products to customers, we are continuing to invest in processes and people. We believe in always creating and optimizing based on feedback, and we will continue to make positive changes to meet those requests.  

As part of these efforts, we are happy to introduce our new Sales Operations Manager, Kathy Schock. She joined our team to up-level our partner programs and provide a strong partnership to fulfill requests, provide resources and support to help our partners be successful, and manage important communications around strategic initiatives.   

Kathy has more than two decades of experience, and brings a wonderful, warm and smart approach to her role. She’s held sales operations and project management positions at Kimco Services, Berlitz Corporation, CT Solutions and Mitel. Partners felt confident and equipped with Kathy on their team, and we believe she will make a big and lasting impact here as well. Our partners will begin meeting and working with her over the next few weeks (if they haven’t already).  

“This is great news for our team and our partners around the world. Kathy and I have worked in previous roles together, and she truly is the glue that will help our channel successfully adopt the many new solutions that Nomadix has to offer,” said Speleos Dravillas, CRO at Nomadix.

Additionally, Kathy will work closely with our marketing team who focuses on providing training, messaging, product collateral, event support and other tools to prepare partners for successful sales programs. Don’t forget, all of these materials are available in our new Partner Portal and on our website. We are in this recovery of our industries together and are looking forward to big things coming in 2022 and beyond.