Connecting Long-Stay and Serviced Apartment Guests in the Hospitality Industry

Travelers on extended assignments are looking for a new way to book their stay, and when hotel guests turn into long-term residents, their connectivity requirements change, as well as their expectations for home-like experiences. This includes fast, reliable internet connectivity that is the same (if not, better) than they have at home for music/movie streaming, gaming and video calls – anything for work, relaxation and play.

Why is this an important consideration for hotel properties serving this long-term stay segment? By 2024, everyone will own on average 6.6 internet-connected devices, such as smartphones, tablets and laptops, according to a survey conducted by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). A family of four could easily have 30-50 devices connecting to the internet – not counting the smart devices already included on the property (i.e., smart thermostats). Long-term residents compared to traditional, shorter-term hotel guests will typically travel with more devices, making this a major focus area for properties to encourage residents to stay or welcoming new ones. 

The trend for mixed-use properties is continuing to rapidly grow, especially across the Middle East and Europe. To help hotels address this expanding market segment, we are excited to introduce Nomadix Managed Wi-Fi for MTU as it provides robust, simplified management for onboarding, offboarding and security, as well as offers simplicity for everyone and everything connected to the network. Our product transforms the way building owners and operators set up, manage and provide service for long-term residents and their guests. It replaces the traditional logins and portals used for short-term stays. 

New residents receive an email with a direct link to connect when they move in and are then in control of their network to connect all their devices. They will avoid having to access a portal or login page compared to the traditional method of connecting to the internet, which is particularly important for IoT devices that often don’t have a screen to enter information. And instead of needing to authenticate every week or every 72 hours, for example, the resident is set up with their own virtual network for secure, fast and convenient access throughout the duration of their contract. 

Hotels have trusted our bandwidth management and visitor-based networks for over 25 years. Nomadix Managed Wi-Fi for MTU has been specifically developed for multi-tenant, long-term residents and will provide increased NOI, better guest satisfaction and overall better experiences for residents and employees. This seamless and hassle-free solution is supported by Nomadix Networks, Cambium Networks, Cisco Aironet and Ruckus Networks, to name a few, and is available now.