The Heartbeat of Hospitality – How Guest Wi-Fi Creates Instant Engagement


Engagement, loyalty and rewards. Just three small words, yet so massively important to the hospitality industry.

Of the many challenges the industry has had to overcome in the past few years, one thing is clear: guests are now looking for a personalized experience that takes their needs and preferences into consideration. By using guest Wi-Fi effectively, key insights and information can now be used to create a tailored experience.

Engaging with guests throughout the length of their stay turns them into the best ambassadors for hotels, as they will personally recommend the hotel to their family, friends and colleagues, including online reviews. By offering this distinctive experience, guests will also be more likely to take up a loyalty program or visit as a returning guest.

How can hotel guest Wi-Fi help?

According to the Hospitality Technology Customer Engagement Study 2023, 92% of travelers look for a stable and secure hotel internet connection, as one of their most important requirements. Whether it is for work, entertainment or social media, guests demand seamless connectivity. A hassle-free experience will make all the difference. 

Nomadix Networks creates a solid, secure and reliable network infrastructure to create smooth experiences for any type of activity – from TV casting, to Zoom work calls or Facetime with family. A differentiator for Nomadix is our cloud platforms, specifically Nomadix Hotel Portal, our management solution designed for hospitality and aligned with stringent brand standards.  

Guests can log into the hotel Wi-Fi network quickly and easily, without the need to contact hotel staff for additional support. The log-in pages are branded, reflecting the hotel’s look and feel.

The Hotel Portal can also manage the varying demands for bandwidth, as individual guest requirements may be very different. A full conference of attendees, for example, will need far more bandwidth than the lone individual relaxing in the lobby. The bandwidth can be adjusted to suit these requirements, leading to satisfied customers. This can also be aligned to loyalty membership levels. 

The Nomadix Hotel Portal provides reporting and analytics, which means hotel management can get a detailed picture. Reports are simple to run and can be done on an individual case or for multiple properties. The back-end analytics give real time guest insights which allow strategies for retention and loyalty, making the process invaluable.

Wi-Fi That Moves with Your Guests

Hotel Portal also supports Nomadix Passpoint to connect all your guests’ devices. Passpoint, formerly known as Hotspot 2.0, is a standard that has been well adopted in other areas of travel. Guests can seamlessly connect so it is as simple as using a cellular network, without the hassle of logging in or searching for SSID networks. It even allows users to roam between the hotel and other connected hotspots, such as cafés, bars and restaurants. In short, the guest Wi-Fi travels with them.

Nomadix Passpoint is tailored to hospitality and makes it simple for guests. All users need to do is download the one-time profile, and they are connected. They will be automatically connected on that device every time they come back to the property or any property in the same brand. This means hotels can offer their guests a more personal experience, based on their likes and dislikes, such as loyalty rewards and discount vouchers. If a guest comes back to the property at 4:00 PM for example, an alert for a discount at the hotel bar’s happy hour could go out. This is a great upsell opportunity. 

One of the challenges for the modern-day hotelier is providing a more specialized service to their guests. As previously stated, guests are now looking for an experience, one that gives them the feel-good factor. Nomadix offers this opportunity, as by using Nomadix products, the guest becomes a face and remembers their experience well. By using meaningful insights and more opportunities for interaction, guest loyalty will be enhanced. At the end of the day, it is the personal touch that really counts.

Save Time with Angie, the Digital Concierge

IoT and all the smart devices on the property for guests and staff are primarily enabled through the Wi-Fi network. These devices can serve for boosting efficiency, cutting down wait times, offering personalization and more. 

Here’s a quick example: Angie is an excellent way to enhance your guest experience. It is the perfect assistant who never clocks off, is always on duty, and is alert to helping guests with their needs.

The multilingual digital concierge encourages interaction by providing answers to standard questions, such as information about the property and near-by attractions and restaurants. Hoteliers can control the answers to questions to promote properties or partners and have hotel-specific answers related to locations of ice machines or pool hours. This has been known to help with upsell and advertising purposes. Guests can order room service, book spas, make restaurant reservations and check-in and out, simply and quickly. When connected to other smart equipment, adjustments to heating and lighting can be made via Angie, and the guest remains in charge, all the time. Angie allows guests to interact and engage in the comfort of their own hotel room, without calling the front desk, thus freeing up staff.

Why not talk to us to see how Nomadix can enhance your hotel guest experience? Let us help you bring connected experiences to life.



Mike Womack is vice president of partner sales with Nomadix. He brings more than 20 years of successful sales leadership with a proven track record of exceeding annual sales targets, capturing new markets and positioning organizations for growth.