“Hey, Angie. Make My Stay Contactless.”

We’ve seen a profound increase in adoption of technologies surrounding “contactless” and self-service experiences in the past two years: think self check-in, voice assistants, mobile keys and digital payments. And this contactless technology isn’t going anywhere. In a recent survey, conducted by NYU and Stayntouch, of hoteliers from around the world, nearly 75% believe that self-service will become a long-term trend. 

Why? Guests like that they can conveniently customize their stay according to their preferences. And they like the ease and efficiency technology can provide. We’ve been using it at grocery stores and airports for years. Now’s the perfect time to upgrade to technology that addresses this new guest trend. 

Angie acts as your guest’s in-room personal concierge. The digital voice assistant can answer questions, book amenities, fulfill requests and more – in many cases in the guest’s preferred language. What’s more, each hotel can customize 100% of the answers to questions and commands, unlike consumer smart speakers. Here are some examples of how Angie can support a personalized, contactless experience.

“Hey, Angie. I’m cold.”

Angie can integrate with guest room thermostats, lighting and drapes so that guests can use voice commands to control their environment to suit them. 

“Hey, Angie. I’d like more towels.”

Whether it’s towels, pillows, a toothbrush or a razor, guests can simply ask Angie and have the desired item delivered to their door – all without picking up a phone or interacting with staff. 

“Hey, Angie. Play jazz music.” 

Angie offers both music streaming from the internet and bluetooth to elevate the guest experience. The high fidelity Bluetooth speakers connect to guest devices to stream music, without needing to plug in their device.

“Hey, Angie. Can I order room service?”

Angie allows guests to access the restaurant menu, order room service and have it delivered right to their door – easy as pie (or muffins)! 

“Hey, Angie. Turn on the TV.” 

Angie allows guests to conveniently turn on the TV or change the channel via voice. 

“Hey, Angie. When does the gym open?” 

Angie can be equipped with the resources that guests need to enjoy the little things that make staying at a hotel unique, including information about the gym, spa, ice machines, pool or breakfast service.

“Hey, Angie. Where can I get pizza for dinner?”

Angie is customizable and gives hotels a great opportunity to promote hotel or partner restaurants. This provides upsell and advertising opportunities via voice response, and for the Angies with displays, you can include ad placements and discount offers on the screen.

“Hey, Angie. I’m ready to check out.”

Instead of dropping by the front desk, guests can check out via Angie and even request a late check out if needed. From beginning to end, Angie is there to support guests’ needs in a personal, hospitable way. 

Angie in-room assistants allow hotels to offer a high touch experience without the “touch” and give guests options to choose how they want to interact with the hotel. By fulfilling many common guests requests, Angie can also work to relieve busy staff and improve operational efficiencies. 

Knowing that almost 92% of hoteliers indicated that their guests have increased acceptance of technology and expect contactless options, it’s clear that the self-service and contactless trend is here to stay – and Angie is here to help 24/7. To learn more about Angie’s features, compare our different models here, and reach out with questions! 


Josh York brings over 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry to his role as Product Manager of Angie and PBX.