Connecting to WISPAPALOOZA: Why Wireless Service Providers are Discussing Multi-Tenant Managed Wi-Fi

Our team is headed to WISPAPALOOZA this week, alongside our partner Winncom Technologies! Are you going? 

WISPAPALOOZA is one of the most important gatherings in the industry, focusing on new technology that is shaping today’s internet service providers. 

From smart apartments, to shared offices, student housing and senior living, the complexities of internet usage and requirements have exponentially increased. How can wireless service providers extend and diversify their business initiatives, product offerings and revenues, while addressing this challenge? 

That’s where we come in. With Nomadix, properties can offer dedicated, private networks for hundreds to up to thousands of residents or for multiple tenants within the same unit. Property managers can facilitate easy onboarding and management for new residents, simplified changes between units and upgrades for bandwidth subscription changes. The Wi-Fi 6 network infrastructure from the Nomadix Networks portfolio offers performance, quality and affordability (with available stock), and when adding on Nomadix Alerts, monitors the Wi-Fi performance while helping staff feel safe wherever they are around the property.

Here’s a snapshot of what will be showcased at booth #527:

Nomadix® Multi-Tenant Portal: 

An all-in-one white label managed Wi-Fi solution that enables service providers to offer instant and secure property-wide connectivity for tenants, staff and visitors. It allows branded, simple and immediate subscriber onboarding/offboarding – including bandwidth management – for the utmost resident experience. 

Nomadix® Networks: 

This portfolio includes internet gateways with a complementary range of wireless WLAN Access Points, WLAN Controllers and LAN Switches, creating an end-to-end network solution from a single vendor for procurement and support at an unbeatable performance-to-cost ratio.

Nomadix® Alerts:

A wearable 2-in-1 staff safety device that helps safeguard isolated workers from threats and harassment – including fall detection – while providing Wi-Fi analytics as employees roam around the site.

For more information on our solutions or to book a meeting with our team at the WISPAPALOOZA, visit: