Angie Voice Assistants Enhance Guest Experience for Middle East Hotels

The usage of voice technology in the hospitality industry is on the rise, according to a study by Oracle Hospitality, which revealed that 73% of hotel guests prefer using multilingual voice assistants for making requests or asking questions during their stay. In the Middle East in particular, the World Travel and Tourism Council’s report on 2022 showed that Dubai was the city with the highest spending by international visitors, indicating a surge in diverse languages and preferences while interacting with hotels.

To keep up with growing demand, we are pleased to announce an initiative to deliver multilingual digital concierges to hotels across the Middle East with our partner Wide Computer Systems, one of the region’s leading solution and service providers for the hospitality industry. Voice assistants create an important revenue opportunity for hotels by enabling new upsell revenue and creating personalized guest experiences. 

Voice Technology Built for Hospitality

Angie by Nomadix helps fulfill guest requests, answer common questions about the property and create streamlined access to a wide range of hotel amenities such as ordering room service, scheduling housekeeping or requesting extra towels. Even if guests do not speak the local language, hotels can easily customize the answers to questions to a specific property – checkout times, ice machine locations, restaurant dining times and more – making the guest experience easier. Angie combines multiple devices (e.g., alarm clocks, Bluetooth speakers) and integrates with other in-room IoT and smart technology. Hotels can control questions and responses to assist stretched staff and provide upsell and advertising revenue through digital promotions or recommended onsite amenities or discounts.

Combining our expertise with Wide Computer Systems, we are well positioned to help hotels differentiate themselves in a competitive market and drive guest satisfaction and loyalty. And we are confident that this innovative solution will help hotels meet the evolving needs of their guests and drive business growth. We look forward to this partnership and continued growth in this region.