International Coworking Day – High Performance Wi-Fi for Shared Spaces

Coworking is an accelerating global trend, so much so that there’s now an international day to celebrate it on August 9. There were more than 3 million coworkers globally in 2019, and that number is thought to have nearly doubled in the years since. In fact, prior to the pandemic, co-working spaces were the fastest-growing type of office space in commercial real estate. While they currently comprise less than 5% of the market, they’re expected to make up 30% by 2030 as some companies ditch their permanent offices post-pandemic. 

With flexible, hybrid work options on the rise, there’s an even greater expectation for seamless connectivity between home and office – wherever that may be. Coworking spaces offer a unique challenge: requiring excellent quality internet throughout the property, private networks for each group for access to secure and separate traffic and flexibility to provide connectivity to new tenants, from day one of their contracts. 

Nomadix multi-tenant delivers the internet connection, security and performance necessary to satisfy tenants’ requirements for a highly reliable, high-speed, secure service. Our solution offers benefits for providers, tenants and patrons in a variety of spaces. Let’s take a look at some use cases:

Tailored services for unique businesses and individuals

A coworking office may provide space for any number of businesses: a small law office, a growing architectural firm, a few startups or individual, contracted employees. Each business has different bandwidth and user provisioning requirements. Managed Wi-Fi provides the flexibility for a building to provide a service tailored to each tenant’s room, shared meeting space and common areas. Simultaneous presentations, hybrid meetings, video/music streaming and high-bandwidth activities are supported without hiccups on the network.   

Secure, reliable 24/7 access

Though it’s a shared space, the internet connection should still be highly-secure, with each organization or individual’s traffic segmented, attributed and accurately billed. Using Nomadix provides everyone with a one-time password or QR code to access the Wi-Fi, and the service provider can choose from a number of secure authentication methods. From then on, the bandwidth used is attributed to their account and charged, so that, for example, a contracted copywriter with a modest requirement isn’t paying for the video marketing firm streaming high capacity content all day long. 

Another benefit of this single sign-on capability is that returning users are remembered. Additionally, coworking spaces should offer a flexible connection for people who set their own hours – and our solution provides high performance whether they are the first one in the office, there at peak usage, or the last to leave. 

Better management, better service

Nomadix makes it easy for property managers or their IT providers to have control over the office network, and they can easily add or remove and extend the service to new rooms or floors. Bandwidth management gives them the ability to control who can use the Wi-Fi and who has what capacity, ensuring that everyone has great connectivity and pays for what they use, at any hour. Moreover, our Wi-Fi solution allows any faults to be identified, with failover to switch automatically and seamlessly to a reliable backup system, in the event of an outage.

Boost revenue 

Add additional revenue streams by becoming the “internet provider” – without the stress of actually being the carrier. Using a reputable managed service provider shifts all the costs and worries to a third party. With an enterprise Wi-Fi solution, employees can Zoom from their reserved office to the diverse common or open areas without being disconnected.  

Both coworkers and property managers can benefit from our integrated solution for managed internet, which is easily extendable and equally as efficient as new organizations, individuals and devices are added. 

Speak to a member of our team for more information about Nomadix MTU for coworking. 


Mike Womack is Vice President of Partner Sales – the Americas.