Nomadix History: Continuing Visitor-Based Network Innovation for 25 Years

“Nomadix has a long history of innovation including the invention of the visitor-based network and creation of the first captive portal.” – Ted Helvey, chairman and CEO at Nomadix

In the grand scheme of things, it wasn’t that long ago that leaving your home or office meant disconnecting from everything. Nomadic computing, invented in part by Dr. Leonard Kleinrock, who founded Nomadix in 1998, allows us to connect to visitor networks wherever we are in the world, and Nomadix continues to be the leader in visitor-based network  innovation to this day.

Our team developed the Universal Subscriber Gateway to sit between a visiting computer and a new network, solving a roadblock that had kept devices from being recognized by a new network when attempting to establish a connection. This gateway, which requires no extra equipment or software for the visiting computer, serves as an interpreter between visitors and native networks, enabling visitor authentication and sign-on to host networks. These networks are known as Visitor-Based Networks (VBNs), and make nomadic computing and public internet access secure, seamless and possible. 

We are also thrilled to share that our newest patent, announced today, also represents our continued innovation in networking technology and adds to our growing patent portfolio. The patent enhances Passpoint (Hotspot 2.0) with loyalty program integrations, enabling digital engagement and tiered, location-based services for visitor-based networks.

Helvey shared that, This latest patent is of similar importance in the next generation of secure authentication and shows our team’s continued commitment to creating technology that provides personalized connectivity and digital engagement opportunities for our customers in hospitality, multi-tenant, retail and beyond.”

I’m proud to be a part of the storied history of Nomadix and look forward to what lies ahead. 


Vadim Olshansky is CTO – Nomadix Networks and has been with the company since its beginnings. A graduate of UCLA with a Masters of Science in Computer Sciences and Computer Networks, he got his start as a software engineer at Nomadix in 1999, and his loyalty, tenacity, and brilliance helped him rise in the ranks to be the leader he is today.