Why TV Casting is the Right Choice for the Guest Experience

The global content streaming market is projected to grow to $123.16 billion this year, no surprise when Americans spent more in July TV-viewing time streaming content than watching cable TV. The tremendous increase in media consumption, due to the popularity of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and Disney+, for example, will continue to see exponential growth as it becomes more commonplace and preferred for content viewing at home and on the road. 

What does this mean for hotels? It means that having news on loop, pay-per-view and limited TV programming will become a trend of the past. Guests want to bring their own media content, pick back up on their favorite shows, work out with their favorite apps and relax to their own music while traveling. This can be a simple OTP upgrade for in-room TVs by implementing a Casting solution, which is already commonly used at home.

What is it?

Nomadix Casting allows video, music or other content to play on an in-room screen. Not to be confused with screen mirroring, which just displays the same content that’s playing on the device; casting designed for hotels allows guests to multitask and use the same connected device for work or social feeds.

Why is it good for both guests and hotels?

First, it’s easy. Guests want to watch what they want, when they want. With our casting solution, they have immediate access to their preferred media and entertainment apps, without the painful process of logging-in using the remote. Use existing guest Wi-Fi to automatically pair the device to the TV, click ‘play’ and enjoy. 

Second, it feels like home. When traveling to different countries and facing language barriers, getting stuck without TV channels in your own language can feel boring and isolating. We enable hotels to offer the content and languages their guests use. Additionally, most guests already travel with their own tablets to stream shows and movies, and equipping them with technology that connects to the in-room TV is mutually beneficial. Guests watch what they want, and hotels know their investment (the TV) is actually being used. 

Third, it’s secure. Guests can securely stream their preferred media without logging onto a public device or downloading anything on their own device. Our solution is built for hotels, there’s no need to worry about accidentally connecting to the room next door or not being logged out upon check out. Guests don’t need to share passwords with the hotel (or even remember them!) 

Fourth, it’s cost-effective. Instead of paying for hundreds of channels or apps that guests may or may not want, our solution lets guests bring their own content. If adding a device and service seems cost-prohibitive, we also offer flexible pricing options to upgrade now and pay a fee over time, eliminating any high upfront costs.   

Fifth, it’s expected. As more people “cut the cord” and stream their own content at home, staying at a hotel without this viewing option will lower satisfaction scores. As most parents know, it’s extremely stressful having to explain to a child that Spongebob or Peppa Pig isn’t on after eight hours of travel.

Guests are planning trips and travel demand is on the rise. In fact, according to the UNWTO’s latest World Tourism Barometer, international tourism increased by 182% in the first three months of 2022 compared to 2021! Knowing that guest expectations have changed, let’s rethink what is considered a comfortable or a deluxe offering in the room. By switching to TV casting, hotels can deliver a home-like entertainment experience to delight customers and keep them coming back.  


Josh York brings over 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry to his role as Product Manager of Angie and IRE (In-room Entertainment).