Retail & Large Public Venues (LPVs)

Reliable access, Secure authentication

Need to provide reliable, scalable wireless connectivity to tens of thousands of users at the same time? Retail Clients and Large Public Venues (LPVs) rely on Nomadix's bandwidth management and authentication technology to control, customize, and optimize mobile users' access and experience. Increase brand awareness and loyalty with Wi-Fi solutions that give insights to power their marketing and operations.

Nomadix solutions make it easy for your users to get on the network securely and transparently, and allows you to maximize and monetize the bandwidth provided to your patrons. Scalable Wi-Fi solutions enable shopping malls, stadiums, and entertainment operators to increase revenue opportunities and enhance user and fan experiences.


Bandwidth Management

Bandwidth management tools allow you to control the amount of bandwidth available to your patrons. The Nomadix Service Engine (NSE) was designed with scalability in mind to accommodate even the largest venues.

  • Increased visibility into internet traffic patterns
  • Better optimization of existing bandwidth
  • Reliable, stable connection with minimized downtime
  • Flexible bandwidth limits that enable service differentiation for VIP visitors or premium users

Nomadix Cloud

The Nomadix Cloud elevates the user experience while simplifying the management and support of a public network. Simplify access and authentication with easy onboarding via captive portal technology.

  • Fully customizable, template-based captive portal
  • Nomadix Service Engine (NSE) Gateway
  • Management Dashboard
  • Analytics Dashboard

Managed Wi-Fi

Nomadix Cloud Managed Wi-Fi offers a true portal-free, carrier grade Wi-Fi experience and empowers retail centers and LPVs to provide ease of access and authentication to their patrons and visitors.

  • Seamless connections throughout property or venue
  • Easy onboarding with pre-shared key solution
  • Single SSID for reduced network complexity and ease of use
  • Personal Wi-Fi WPA2 keys for improved security for patrons and visitors
  • Bandwidth limits that can be set per subscriber or per device