Our International Partners Bring Nomadix Casting to Guests Around the Globe

A number of our international partners are already offering Nomadix Casting to their hospitality customers. One of the first is Rikei, a leading Nomadix distributor in Japan, which announced this week that it is now bringing the solution to market. 

Nomadix Casting will be sold through our partner network and is available to Rikei’s channel partners. 

Total global streaming subscriptions were expected to hit 700 million in 2020, and the market for streaming services has grown by 37% in the last year. This has influenced the growing demand for hotels to support a ‘bring your own content’ experience. Properties that deliver this to support today’s travelers can differentiate their service, while increasing guest safety and the value of their existing IPTV solutions. Nomadix Casting offers a completely different, elevated guest experience that can attract new and repeat business.

By supporting thousands of apps, guests can watch the latest Netflix episode, work out, listen to music or even stream a business training session. Unlike content mirroring, casting lets travelers continue to use their laptops or mobile devices for work, email or gaming while they’re watching content on the hotel TV. 

Available in numerous languages and branded to align with each hotel’s look and feel, integration with the Nomadix gateway securely pairs their guests’ mobile devices with the in-room TV – which is great news for the thousands of hotel rooms across the world that already have a Nomadix gateway.  There’s no need to use a remote to painstakingly enter usernames or to share passwords with the hotel because guests are instantly logged in as they connect to the hotel Wi-Fi.

For properties implementing Nomadix Casting as a stand-alone solution, guests can simply aim their cameras at the QR code on the in-room TV to pair their devices. Then they open the app they want to use, find something to watch and click the casting button included in all popular content apps. Again, no need to worry about entering passwords or being logged out after checking out. 

Learn more about our casting solution here