Q&A: Upgrade In-Room Entertainment with Nomadix TV Casting

Today, we announced the latest version of Nomadix TV Casting, and here is what you should know:

What is Nomadix Casting?

Nomadix Casting enables guests to quickly pair their devices with the in-room TV without downloading anything on user devices. They also don’t need to enter usernames with the remote or share passwords with the hotel. Thousands of apps such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Spotify, Amazon, YouTube and many more are supported. 

Unlike mirrored casting solutions, once streaming starts, the process is offloaded to the casting server. This allows guests to use their iOS or Android devices without interrupting the streaming content. 

In-room entertainment is an important part of the hotel experience. Our solution is customizable to align with each hotel’s brand and has multilingual support.

Why is there a new version?

The hospitality industry has been facing two major challenges with TV Casting: the end of sale for Chromecast v3 and the Netflix account-sharing policy changes. We solved both with this new release. It’s still easy for guests to enjoy their own shows, including Netflix, on our hospitality-focused Nomadix Casting platform. 

What does the new solution now support?

We now support Chromecast for Google TV (Chromecast v4). We will also continue to support Chromecast v3 devices. For current customers, they can add Chromecast for Google TV for new expansions while still using previously purchased Chromecast v3 devices without the need to upgrade or replace. 

When will it be available?

The expanded solution will be available starting this month. 

When was the first Nomadix Casting solution released?

Nomadix TV Casting was originally introduced in 2020 and has been well-received by our global hotel customers. Our team is pleased to offer a simple and secure platform to provide a full-featured hotel TV Casting solution, despite the industry disruptions.

Guests still prefer to watch their own content while traveling; the 2022 Customer Engagement Technology Study showed that 94% of hotel operators offered or planned to offer content streaming/Smart TVs. Let Nomadix help you bring connected experiences to life.