Nomadix and RN Projects Meet Connectivity Demands by Delivering Networking Solutions Across Asia-Pacific and the Middle East

Networks have become increasingly vital in today’s digital age, and it is important to recognize that a network encompasses more than just Wi-Fi. As the use and variety of internet-based applications continue to grow, so too does the demand for seamless connectivity and high-speed solutions. Today’s users require reliable and efficient network connections in order to meet their diverse needs. 

We are excited to announce our partnership with RN Projects, a leading multi-regional network system integrator, to help accelerate the implementation of these networks with our full Nomadix Networks portfolio of wireless access points, controllers and LAN switches,

Part of the Reivernet Group of Companies, RN Projects specializes in the design and delivery of complex data networks into existing businesses and planned constructions across Australia, the South Pacific, Asia and the Middle East. Key markets include hospitality, multi-tenant, office and aged-care markets.

Here’s what our partner shared:

“With the significant investment on the development and refurbishment of many properties across Asia-Pacific and the Middle East markets, we have seen a surge in demand for robust internet access, and by partnering with Nomadix and its available product inventory, we can confidently and comprehensively answer this demand, combining our Group’s expertise with Nomadix’s proven product portfolio,” said Christoffer Svalstedt, Global Director of RN Projects.

Nomadix’s product range and their strong client endorsements make distributing their products a natural addition to ensuring our clients have easy access to their offering across a large geographic reach.” said Reivernet Group CEO, David Stallworthy.

We have seen incredible growth year on year, and RN Projects as a company is also experiencing fantastic growth and momentum that will mesh well with our goals for the year and beyond. Together, we will deliver significant benefits to our customers, combining the quality of the Nomadix Networks portfolio, with the high level of in-region technical, logistics and customer support from RN Projects. 

For information, please connect with our sales team