Nomadix Gateway Update: Wi-Fi Scalability and High-Availability for Large-Scale Venues

Some of the biggest venues and events are beginning to ease restrictions: Super Bowl crowds reached full capacity, Coachella lifted COVID policies, and Disney Resorts loosened masking requirements for vaccinated guests. It’s no surprise that as cases fall and restrictions ease, people are ready to splurge on entertainment and travel. The question that remains: is your Wi-Fi ready to meet these new demands? 

Nomadix can help you solve this problem. Our latest software release (version 9.2) for our family of gateways brings significant improvements to the Wi-Fi network for large-scale venues, such as conference centers, hotels, large multifamily apartment buildings and student housing. This news is especially important for these properties as they depend on uninterrupted internet access and very high throughput to allow for simultaneous high-bandwidth activities without performance degradation. Think TV casting for streaming content, video calls, gaming, IoT devices, smart technology and numerous other devices all accessing the network at the same time and all requiring fast, reliable access.  

The new high-availability clustering module allows multiple gateways to be clustered to create a fully redundant solution, with load balancing, instant failure recovery and increased capacity beyond the limits of a single gateway for both concurrent devices and internet bandwidth. Plus, the solution does not require complex configuration, and tasks like finding an individual user across the cluster are straightforward. 

Our gateways are built with both providers and users in mind and enable resilient, secure and compliant Wi-Fi access for venues of all sizes. Guests, tenants and meeting attendees all benefit from frictionless connectivity with any device setup, reducing troubleshooting calls to associates and creating better satisfaction and loyalty.

Don’t forget: reliable and fast Wi-Fi is the top amenity requirement when choosing where to stay, where to meet or even where to live. Make sure your property is ready to support and create high-quality experiences. For more information, visit: