Nomadix Forms Customer Advisory Board

Hospitality Veterans to Confer on Notable Trends and Customer Needs; Findings May Be Shared for Betterment of Industry

HITEC, Booth #734, NEW ORLEANS, June 22, 2016 – In a move that underscores its commitment to its customers as well as its leadership role in the public internet access space, Nomadix Inc. today announced the formation of a Customer Advisory Board. Comprised of industry stake holders from around the globe, including service providers, resellers, hotel brands, ownership and management groups and consultants, Nomadix’s Customer Advisory Board will provide the company with direct feedback on its research and development strategy, while also exploring and offering objective thoughts on industry trends, successes and best practices.

With a long-standing history, Nomadix is considered to have invented the market for visitor-based networking and the technology to address both controlled access and the unpredictable nature of a visitor-based network. The company’s vision has always been forward-thinking and its mantra to embrace technology for the betterment of the industry. The formation of this Customer Advisory Board is in keeping with that mission.

“As a company, Nomadix stands to benefit greatly from the thought leadership and expert insights of our customers,” noted Fred Reeder, chief commercial and operating officer of Nomadix. “We implemented the Customer Advisory Board as a way to stay closely connected with our customers, and to ensure that we understand how to best enable their success. Each board member’s first-hand industry knowledge and business acumen will play a vital role in Nomadix’s evolution as a company.”

Nomadix’s Customer Advisory Board will meet regularly throughout the year and is expected to explore key topics affecting its industry verticals and may make certain findings public. Topics that will be collaboratively explored by the board include how to best address guests’ and users’ changing behaviors, new technology trends, the need for more reliable bandwidth and connectivity – and how hotels, multi dwelling units and other venues can better prepare and deliver a satisfying user experience.