NMHC OPTECH 2023: Nomadix Expands Footprint into MDU/Multifamily Housing Market

Our team is at one of the largest multifamily housing conferences this week, NMHC OPTECH 2023, the hub for the most important conversations and business deals around multi-dwelling unit (MDU) technology and operations. 

The timing of this conference couldn’t have come at a better time: Reports indicate that there is a strong demand for multifamily housing, with only a 5 percent vacancy rate. This demand is being fueled by demographic changes and evolving lifestyle preferences, particularly among younger generations, who prioritize connectivity in their rental properties. MDUs have the potential to cater to these resident preferences while simultaneously enhancing property values and increasing net-operating income (NOI) by incorporating Nomadix Managed Wi-Fi solutions.

Additionally, these positive trends have been mirrored by Nomadix. We are pleased to share our expanded solutions portfolio and market penetration into the multi-dwelling unit (MDU)/multifamily housing market, where we have experienced a 61% growth over the last 3 years. 

If you are attending the show, we are showcasing our new MDU products and features in booth #801. Below is an overview of what’s new since last year’s show:

MDU Portal Enhancements: Our all-in-one white labeled managed Wi-Fi solution enables service providers to offer instant and secure connectivity for residents, staff and visitors. It offers simple bulk onboarding and offboarding with auto-generated email instructions to each resident. 

Building on the success of our purpose-designed platform, we are releasing the capability to collect payments on behalf of operators who don’t have this option in-house. In addition, some of the existing connectors to property management software are being enhanced, while new ones will soon join the long list of available integrations with industry-leading packages, including Entrata and RealPage.

Nomadix Networks Enhancements: A portfolio of internet gateways, wireless access points, controllers and LAN switches at an unbeatable performance-to-price ratio, Nomadix Networks, combined with our  MDU Portal, delivers connectivity to the residents, staff and all IoT devices across the estate, along with the ability to manage all of this via the portal. Following the recent launch of a comprehensive cloud controller and management solution, now the infrastructure range includes a new 8-port PoE LAN switch to better address in-room low density requirements. 

Alerts: Our innovative 2-in-1 solution is designed for both workplace safety and Wi-Fi analysis, for lone workers around the property. It features a panic button with real-time location updates and fall detection, and it can measure Wi-Fi quality to detect potential issues. 

Safe travels to Las Vegas, if you are attending NMHC OPTECH 2023. Please reach out to us if you’d like to learn more about how we can help you connect, manage and engage with your residents in new ways that redefine digital customer experiences, help make better business decisions and increase customer lifetime value.


Mike Womack is VP of Partner Sales – Americas with Nomadix.