The Next Generation of the Nomadix Cloud and What’s New

Today is a big day! We are excited to announce the next generation of the Nomadix Cloud platform, which gives partners and property managers more visibility and management capabilities for their Nomadix solutions. We have taken a “better together” approach, whereby users can view their entire fleet of Nomadix equipment and solutions across all of their properties, via a single pane of glass. 

The next generation Nomadix Cloud is in response to the addition of several new solutions we have brought to market over the last 12-18 months. In order to provide property managers and managed service providers a full picture on one centralized platform for their entire technology estate, Nomadix Cloud now encompasses internet gateways, Nomadix Networks (wireless access points, controllers, and switches), Cloud Telephony, PMS integration, TV Casting, Nomadix Passpoint, Angie e-concierge and Nomadix Alerts. 

The solution offers increased intelligence, management and monitoring capabilities, as well as improved functionality to not only understand the health of the network but also take proactive measures to ensure that solutions have the latest software releases, firmware upgrades and license updates. Here’s a snapshot of the new features:

  • Single Sign On: Easily log into products in the Nomadix portfolio through the Nomadix Cloud.
    License Management: See the status of licenses across the whole fleet of Nomadix products so properties or groups of properties can always ensure everything is up to date.
    Gateway status: View the current connectivity status, firmware version and feature licensing for each gateway in the fleet.
    Gateway backup to the cloud: Back up the gateway flash file system securely to the cloud on a regular schedule or as required.
    APIs: For service providers and properties working with technology outside of Nomadix, APIs can connect those products, creating overarching control over all property technology.  

We are excited to unveil this next evolution of the Nomadix Cloud as we head into two of the biggest hospitality conferences of the year. For more information and a live demonstration, please visit booth #419 at The Hospitality Show in Las Vegas and booth #231 at HITEC Toronto