Podcast: Laying a Foundation for Long-Term Stays with Automated Technology and Network Infrastructure

Connected technology is the way of the future for traditional hotels, alternative accommodations – like Airbnb or Vrbo – and MDU/MTU living spaces, where extended-stay guests check-in for longer than the average traveler and bring a variety of devices. How can these venues adopt the automated, autonomous experiences wanted (or even expected) throughout their stays? 

These types of guests are looking for efficiency where technology can play a key role, especially where the manager may not be on site. Think automated check-in/out, contactless payments, keyless entries, smart thermostats and mobile communications. Whether it’s a week, month, three months or longer, easing the processes for coming onto the property and staying connected is key. 

Guests staying longer for work contracts, “bleisure” travel or home transitions are most likely working or studying as part of their stay. Their demands on the network and being connected throughout the property will increase to support video conferencing, gaming, content streaming and more. The technology is only as good as the backbone – the network infrastructure and Wi-Fi.

Automated technology, with the foundation of network infrastructure, will offer owners and operators the ability to scale in all other parts of their business, including supply growth, revenue generation, operation and retention. 

Discover more in this podcast with techtalk.travel where our Managing Director Hauke Lenthe, alongside a panel of industry experts, addresses the importance of automated technology for extended-stay guests and how venues can prepare to meet these new expectations.