Managed Wi-Fi for
MTU (Multi-Tenant Units)

Today, tenants look to landlords and property managers to deliver a secure and high-speed MTU Wi-Fi experience that aligns with their lifestyle, work, and business needs both within their living spaces and shared areas throughout the property. A robust internet connection not only attracts residents who value dependable service but also encourages their loyalty.

To fulfill these expectations, landlords must balance the diverse access, security, bandwidth control, and network management demands throughout a property – spanning from multi-family apartments, assisted and senior living, and student and military housing, to commercial settings like shared office spaces or shopping centers.

Nomadix presents a comprehensive managed Wi-Fi for MTU solution tailored for managed service providers and ISPs, addressing the complexities of delivering connectivity and ensuring high levels of tenant satisfaction.

Multi-Family Residential
Assisted & Senior Living
Shopping Malls
Student Housing
Military Housing
Shared Office Space

Nomadix Managed Wi-Fi features:

Property-wide high-speed secure Personal Virtual Network for each tenant

Single platform for tenants, property managers & network admins

Lower operational overheads with easy onboarding & management

A great user experience with real-time bandwidth management

Added revenue streams & property value for owners & operators

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