Hospitality Insights from The Western Canadian Lodging Conference

The Western Canadian Lodging Conference is happening this week in Vancouver, and we’re thrilled to be here in company with our partner MBSI WAV LLC

This conference unites some of the brightest minds in our industry to examine year-end goals for resort and urban lodging in this region. We are looking forward to the discussions around what’s important for hoteliers moving into the new year around investments, development, and expansions; what’s key for the Hotel Association of Canada; and what’s top-of-mind in regards to technology initiatives, specifically in Western Canada. 

In our technology showcase, we’ll be sharing our suite of hospitality solutions, all in stock and readily available, including:

Nomadix® Networks: 

Our portfolio includes internet gateways and a range of complementary wireless WLAN Access Points, WLAN Controllers and LAN Switches, which creates an end-to-end network solution from a single vendor for procurement and support at an unbeatable performance-to-cost ratio.

Nomadix® Alerts

A wearable 2-in-1 staff safety device that helps safeguard isolated workers from threats and harassment – including fall detection – while providing Wi-Fi analytics as employees roam around the site.

Nomadix Casting: 

Allows guests to automatically pair their personal devices to their in-room TV when they connect to the hotel Wi-Fi and then easily cast their preferred shows and other content from Netflix, Hulu, Spotify and thousands of other popular streaming apps. It eliminates the need to remember passwords and the security concerns of logging into public devices.

Angie by Nomadix Voice Assistants: 

Our multilingual digital concierge (available via both in-room devices and mobile app) helps fulfill guest requests, answer common questions about the property and creates a contactless, next-generation hotel experience. Angie combines multiple devices (e.g., alarm clocks, telephones, Bluetooth speakers) and integrates with other in-room IoT and smart technology. Its natural language voice AI engine allows hotels to control questions and responses to assist stretched staff and provide upsell and advertising revenue.

Need more information about one of our solutions or interested in booking a meeting with our team at the event? Stop by booth 11 or visit