Demo: A Quick Look at Nomadix Passpoint for Hotels

The most common places people use public Wi-Fi are hotels and restaurants. And a Forbes Advisor survey found that 40% of respondents had their data compromised on these networks. 

What can hotels do to create a more reliable and secure, yet simple connection for guests? Nomadix Passpoint is a great solution that’s gaining momentum. Guests only need to download the profile to their device once, and they will stay connected throughout their stay, anywhere across the property, and for future stays at the same brand. 

Let’s see how this works:

Nomadix Passpoint for Hotels Overview


Why are hotels adopting?

The Nomadix platform offers multiple advantages to hotels looking to adopt a Passpoint solution. First, our product was built for hotels. Second, it allows for simple and secure implementation, with an operational platform that is already trusted to handle billions of connections. Lastly, it works in sync with our complementary product portfolio including our suite of internet gateways and network equipment, staff safety buttons, digital concierge, casting and more. 

One other thing to consider: Hotel Wi-Fi is one of the most critical requirements for guests deciding where to stay, and their Wi-Fi experience will determine whether they return. If a guest is staying for a week and is required to log in every 24 hours, that will most likely create a negative experience. Unfortunately, online reviews will deter many future guests, and sites like Travelocity and Expedia make it easy to find Wi-Fi-specific complaints. It’s no wonder article headlines like this – “Hotel WiFi can be terrible” – occur when hotels don’t make it a priority. From a security, onboarding and personalization perspective, Nomadix Passpoint can create positive Wi-Fi experiences at every location for that brand around the world.

Let us help you bring connected experiences to life with Nomadix Passpoint. And if you are interested in learning more, my colleagues have also written a few articles about the benefits of Passpoint for hotels, as well as an overview of the Passpoint standard.


Chris Armour is a Senior Product Manager for Nomadix.