New Demo: Nomadix Cloud Telephony for Hotels

Earlier this year, we launched Nomadix Cloud Telephony for hotels, which is offered through a disruptive per-property price model for the hospitality market.  

When choosing an internet-based telephony service, trust in the vendor and the quality and reliability of the network are critical components. We have been providing dynamic internet bandwidth allocation for hotels through our suite of gateways over the past 25 years, and our Cloud Telephony for hotels is a module of this product line. 

Cloud Telephony for Hotels Demo

Here’s a quick overview of how the product works:


Our Solution is Built Around the Following Core Pillars:

nomadix cloud tel core pillars


The cloud-based, single-source service is designed for properties of all sizes across the U.S., is compatible with various SIP phones, can reuse analog guest room phones, offers desktop or mobile apps and integrates with most property management systems.

Research has shown an increased spend and focus on communications technology this year. Dorothy Creamer, Research Manager at IDC Research, Hospitality & Travel Digital Transformation Strategies, said: ”Hospitality organizations recognize the importance of communications and connectivity to deliver on top business objectives and remain competitive. To ensure customer satisfaction and employee productivity are in lock-step while driving business outcomes like increased revenue and customer lifetime value, brands need to have robust, affordable and seamless communications platforms for both front- and back-of-house.” 

Let us help you bring connected experiences to life. For more information on our Cloud Telephony for hotels, visit:

Josh York brings over 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry to his role as Product Manager of Cloud Telephony, Casting and Angie.